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Naming the Sue
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Naming the Sue:

 51 Wheezy, Sun, 2nd Oct '11 9:58:21 AM from Tampa, FL. Again.
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Haven't we already discussed what defines a Sue enoough?

I mean, there is (or was. I haven't checked in a while) a massive discussion on the Mary Sue page itself (on one of the sub-pages. It might have been Headscratchers), as well as several subjective definitions, and if you did a search, you could probably find hundreds of topics on this forum alone about it.

Wow. That was rude. Too many of this kind of thump will bring a suspension. Please keep it civil.Thumped.

 53 Night, Mon, 3rd Oct '11 4:06:05 AM from PSNS Intrepid Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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[up][up][up]That's saying that there are no other forces besides characters that drive a story. That is...incredibly wrong. (It also seems to be saying that history is random, which it really isn't.)

More seriously characters, like all elements of story, are meant to approximate reality. Not necessarily ours, but a reality. Any time you say they shouldn't respond in realistic fashion, you damage the quality of the story. At best you're arguing something stylistic and subjective, but I don't think you are. And it has hints of Viewers Are Morons to it.
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 54 jasonwill 2, Mon, 3rd Oct '11 4:21:23 AM from West Virginia
damn it! i read this at "narming the sue"

that would of been an awesome concept
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[up][up] I'm not sure what you are saying. I don't find people random at all, everything has motivation. What is realistic is going to vary from character to character based on those motivations and their life experienses.

To take my own work as an example. The Eastern Range is a dragon nursery. Egil, who just moved there, is freaked out by all the dragons. Aelric, who has lived there his whole life, feeds them scrap metal when they stick their heads in his forge.

That said, I find all stories are ultimately character driven. Sure, non-character related events can happen, but if no one reacts to them, they amount to nothing.

[up] New topic then?

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