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1 dorkatlarge17th Jul 2011 04:28:05 AM , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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I learned about Heartache 101 ~Sour Into Sweet~ a little while ago, and started playing it yesterday. It's a freeware romance game being written in English through the RPG Maker XP program by Flowerthief, the same person who made The PK Girl and Idolcraft. A beta version is available at http://rpgmaker.net/games/3229 . It will work on a decent Windows computer.

I'm rather impressed so far. The basic gameplay is a slightly complex boy x girls harem game, with several stats and money to manage, board game style gameplay which essentially generates random meetings with NP Cs, and a time limit. There's a few elements which aren't worksafe (it's clear that the convenience store sells porn), but this game is definitely not obscene. And it's one of the few dating simulations which encourages fans to mod the game. People are free to use different characters, storylines, and music.

If I didn't already make it clear, there's already a TV Tropes entry for this game. There's only a modest number of freeware romance games and freeware visual novels which have more than a passing reference or two on this site.
Doesn't look like there's an entry for it here...
3 muninn21st Jul 2011 12:57:44 PM from Somewhere, out there...
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There is. It's in Video Games/ instead of Main/.

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4 Sabbo22nd Jul 2011 07:18:01 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
Shouldn't there be a redirect until the off chance something is actually made in the Main namespace?
5 muninn22nd Jul 2011 03:39:27 PM from Somewhere, out there...
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Probably. I only made a redirect in main from Heartache101 because I figured nobody would want to type out the full title.
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