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1576 Saiga30th Sep 2012 06:48:35 PM from Sunny Australia , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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I also didn't like how the characters kept shilling him, even over the must mundane things. He uses a card to make Cyberdramon bigger, and everyone starts gushing over how they've never seen a tamer use a modify card like that and how it isn't easy to use.


That was by far the most jarring thing. Nothing about that card made it look difficult to use or any different from just swiping a card and having your monster receive a boost. In fact, it looked easier because the other tamers actually did creative things with their modify cards while Cyberdramon just got big and used raw strength to win. Show, Don't Tell.
1577 Cider30th Sep 2012 10:44:35 PM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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Ur-Example is the first, so it can't be the case but let me put it this way. Establishing that the Tamers could not biomerge in the real world then having Alice show up out of nowhere to undo this Obvious Rule Patch was Deus ex Machina is its purest form.

But it was established then that a monster's sacrifice was necessary. Who's to say Ryo didn't have a similar thing happen to him around the same time if not some point earlier in his history.(Which he did in his third game, albeit with something else in mind)

So Goliath you don't but it being special, fair enough. Maybe he just did not want to share and was lying through his teeth rather than just admitting it? Maybe that was just a splash of poor plotting? But he does show enough strategy with his Avenging Knight and Radiant Force cards to allow the others time to get away from the D-reaper. It wasn't all informed ability.

On the Knights, we did get new ones after the Pendulum X. Namely Duftmon and Craniammon. You can make your list however you like I guess, worse thing have become official canon.
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1578 Saiga30th Sep 2012 11:47:03 PM from Sunny Australia , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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It's more that you have to show he did have that happen to him than proving he didn't. And it's more than just a Digimon's sacrifice that's the problem - even in the Digital World, he never showed the ability to biomerge and we don't see how he obtained it.

Maybe he just did not want to share and was lying through his teeth rather than just admitting it?

That is hilarious and my new headcanon.

"Ryo, you're such a great guy-"


But I didn't mean to imply he never showed his ability in other scenes, just that that scene was example of picking the wrong time to shill him.

It's been over four years since we got the last Royal Knight, so I get the feeling we won't get anymore unless they appear in Xros Wars/the next season. I don't mind being jossed later on, I'd like for the Royal Knights to be official completed.

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[up]But he did share one of his special cards, namely the king device which transformed into the queen device when Suzie used it, so there is something strange about those cards. Besides, he didn't use his most overpowered card, but then again neither would I considering it would transform Cyberdramon into Zeed Milleniumon.

But does New Powersasthe Plot Demands count if the plot doesn't actually demand it? After all, Ryo never got to do anything that the others couldn't do. Personally, I like to see the mild character shilling as the writer trolling the (japanese) audience, making it so whenever they expect Ryo to do something amazing, it turns out to be pretty normal.

And I bet the writers in hunters only superficially knew about the anime's existence, considering that they believe that the six goggleheads were the only heroes (no manga, no games). They also believe said heroes had saved their worlds, which is blatantly untrue since Henry was the one to defeat the D-Reaper rather than Takato.

[down]That's also true, even in the case of Savers because Masaru and agumon were being powered by the world's digisoul, but I just used the most extreme examples.

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1580 TheTropeEater1st Oct 2012 02:35:28 PM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
[up] Yeah Ryo actually don't kick all that much ass, they built him up as a legendary Tamer, and yet of the four able to achieve Mega/Ultimate he is the one that has to be saved the most. And if a sacrifice was needed then he probably got that out of the way from the third game.

As for why he doesn't use justimon in the digital world, well there was no need to.

Not even Jen, but Jen's father and the monster makers were the ones who really saved the day. Even in Frontier it wasn't just Takuya and Kouichi that saved the world but everyone, ditto for Adventure. The crossover in Xros Wars left a lot to be desired.

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1581 Cider1st Oct 2012 05:11:15 PM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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Well, I think comic Xross Wars shot down the possibility of a V-tamer crossover. It wouldn't be so annoying they implied the V-dramon was Zeromaru if he wasn't twice Zero's size and referred to himself as Zero instead of V-dramon. Writers in general seemed to be confused about Arkadimon. That was the name of Neo's monster, not of the Digimon species itself. It is like assuming a grizzly bear is a dog because you saw a dog named grizzly.
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1582 HandsomeRob1st Oct 2012 06:07:45 PM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
1583 Cider1st Oct 2012 06:26:47 PM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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Arkadimon was who he was, not what he was in V-tamer. The way Gon, Leo and Zero were who they were, Gomamon>Ikakkumon, Leomon>Panjamon>Regulumon, V-dramon were what they were. That's why the name doesn't change between forms. Of course, V-tamer never gave the what name but it never gave one to Pal and Pul either.(Or for that matter, Warg or Melga, but those were common knowledge)

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1584 HandsomeRob1st Oct 2012 07:50:42 PM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]

Didn't know that. Well, that's one half

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1585 TheTropeEater1st Oct 2012 08:17:25 PM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
[up][up] So basically they were individual names.
I dont know all the Wiki's Ive read about him on say that Arkadimon is the name of all its forms.
1587 Saiga2nd Oct 2012 03:15:17 AM from Sunny Australia , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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There were plenty of situations where Ryo should have biomerged if he could in the Digital World. He either didn't have it or was a massively irresponsible idiot.

And yes it's New Powers as the Plot Demands because every aspect of the show is a demand of the plot.

For Arkadimon, Neo named him himself. However, I'm pretty sure he was naming the species as well because it was a new Digimon.

So it's both.

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1588 HamburgerTime2nd Oct 2012 08:45:35 AM from Right behind you , Relationship Status: I know
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[up] For what it's worth, the Digimon Dictionary calls the species "Arkadimon."
1589 TheTropeEater2nd Oct 2012 09:25:18 AM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
[up][up] Considering how Ryo disappeared without saying anything to his parents I'd vote for irresponsible.
1590 Cider2nd Oct 2012 10:06:35 AM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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Yeah, I know. That still does not change the fact that was not the case in V-Tamer, Neo states it was a name he chose to reflect the purpose he wanted it to fulfill and that's why its name doesn't change. His Digimon he didn't bother to nick name or know the name of by contrast are referred to something else every evolution. Greymon>Metalgreymon, Vamdemon>Venomvamdemon Etemonkey>"Etemon, nothing more, nothing less". Websites also list the little spidery form as "fresh" even though Neo said that it had evolved at the point it is first displayed, fresh is never on panel.

Maybe it shouldn't but it bugs me. Later materials outright retcon other things. Samudramon, part of Ryudamon's line, became Gaiomon, part of Agumons(because Agumon is a forced mascot). But I guess I don't care as much about D-Cyber as V-Tamer because V-Tamer was actually good. Or maybe because I could actually see the reasoning in that change and it doesn't really break an established plot.
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Maybe the digignomes just made it possible.
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Dude every source says Arkadimon is the Species name, and the name that Neo called it. Its called Arkadimon. He was naming the species as well.
1593 Cider2nd Oct 2012 12:20:20 PM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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So Bunomon the C-mon monster's should be the official name too?(it isn't) There are maybe three official sources that lay it forward, and that's probably enough, but I didn't get the impression it was less a personal name than any other.
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[up][up][up] It's implied that Ryo became a digital human way back in brave tamer, because when he goes back in time the humans couldn't follow back, so they had to settle with sending their digimon. The reason Ryo didn't Bio-Merge is simple, though: He didn't know it was possible. Heck, nobody knew it was possible (except shibumi, but he didn't know that the Tamers had pulled it off) until Takato did it. Ryo only found out that he could because he saw Rika Bio-Merge (we can tell because of his "WTF are you doing?" face), and considering that he spent over a year with Cyberdramon, I think by this point both understand each other rather well.

I wouldn't say Ryo is irresponsible, considering that he showed guilt for leaving without saying anything in the car ride back home. It's just that he couldn't keep Cyberdramon in the real world, for fear that he would attack anything in sight. In other words, he was given the choice between staying at home partnerless, or go into the completely unknown Digital World alone, without any way of return next to a bloodthirsty partner. So I would say that he is very detached from humanity, but you might want to argue that he is completely insane.

[up][up][up][up] Thematically speaking, it makes sense for Arkadimon to be the only one without to have a proper name, considering that Neo specifically raised him to be a weapon.

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1595 Keyseeker3rd Oct 2012 06:10:52 AM from Twilight Town
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Hey, there's a trailer out for Digimon Fusion!

Looks like they're dubbing Hunters too.
1596 terlwyth3rd Oct 2012 07:26:59 AM , Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Looks like my question is valid,how the heck are they gonna get the old VA's to return,especially long gone ones like Joshua Seth,...Tai just doesn't sound right.

Seems like both Mikey and Shoutmon are channeling Brian Beacock,Mikey sounds like Takato and Kazu,Shouton sounds like Agumon and Marcus

Not quite what my ears envisioned,but they seemed to have gotten Akari right,she does sound quite a bit like Sora.

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1597 Ookamikun3rd Oct 2012 11:52:54 AM from the lupine den
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Shoutmon is the best Digimon partner... with that said, the way the narrative works, he isn't a partner at all but the lead.
Lone wolf? Hah! "Lone" wolves die out of hunger and loneliness. The wolf needs the pack, and the pack needs the wolf.
1598 terlwyth7th Oct 2012 09:42:20 AM , Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
True that,of course that can also be said for Impmon whose partners are only at the end.
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1600 HandsomeRob7th Oct 2012 12:34:28 PM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]

Punches that face

I don't hate the guy, but someone was going to do it. And I didn't want to be left out.tongue

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