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Horror is the genre dearest to me, and that goes a long way towards my willingness to give an Evil Dead remake a shot. So does Raimi and Bruce Campbell's involvement. But I won't defend every piece of Z-grade garbage that comes down the line. And Automaton Transfusion was a horrible experience(I know nothing about Creature).

I'm just sick of seeing you act like your every assumption and complaint about something is the irrefutable truth. The fact that you spoke of trying to convince people at your "base" that YOUR opinion is the right one speaks volumes about that.
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But don't you get tired of constantly seeing the same thing happen all of the time? When's the last time that we've seen an original demonic possession movie? And yet you're seeing The Devil Inside. When's the last time we've seen an original film about camping in the woods? And yet you're giving The Cabin in the Woods and this a chance.

Horror fans should just accept the truth that the glory days are over and they will never come back. You're just as bad as all of the single-minded people at Bloody Disgusting.

And last: if you came to the website that I help run, you'll see that we are all like that. But we have differing opinions and as a result, enjoy each other's company.
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I'm seeing The Devil Inside for FREE, just like I saw The Last Exorcism for free—literally, the only exorcism film I paid for to see on the big screen was The Exorcist. I drew the line at any other member of that sub-genre.

And I'm perfectly willing to give The Cabin in the Woods a chance because it is an original horror film about camping in the woods, just going by the script and the early reactions. You made a stupid, completely wrong-headed guess as to what it was and have decided that your idea of what the film is has to be the truth.

I make a point of avoiding Bloody-Disgusting, since it's littered with misinformation and hopelessly biased "journalism"—never mind the legion of idiots who comment on every unlikely rumor that gets posted.

I'm optimistic about this movie; I haven't already made my final decision that it's going to be good. You spout your negativity everywhere and treat it as an absolute well before a final product shows up.

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The leaked scripts for movies and the actual product are rarely (if ever) the same (they have multiple drafts, for one). With Joss Whedon not being a hot property but Drew Goddard being one (at the time of filming), MGM most likely dialed down Whedon's content and latched on to making it a generic slasher with Cloverfield-esque characters.

Whedon is no stranger to having his scripts changed and he's not the only writer on the film. Don't entirely expect what you read.
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They kept the zombies...and the merman, and the werewolf. What the Hell kind of generic slasher film has that?

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Brony? Moi? surely you jest!
Leave him alone, he's so determined to hate it, nothing you say will convince him.
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[up][up] The merman's new but the rest sound old hat.
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I WAS willing to give this a chance. Then they changed Ash in to a girl with drug addictions. You don't replace Bruce Campbell that way. I'm out.
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[up] The drug addict is the first character to be possessed...supposedly.
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People once again jumping to conclusions and such. If you're determined to hate it before seeing it than just don't bother.
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Lily Collins is out.
63 MarkVonLewis24th Jan 2012 05:28:05 PM from Somewhere in Time , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
I might check this out. Maybe not in theaters, because theaters tend to frown on drinking games being played during the movies. tongue
Medusa strippers, where the phrase "my eyes are up here" is a dangerous phrase.
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I remember sitting in front of a group who decided to get drunk to Frost/Nixon. That theatre no longer serves alcohol (fucking soccer moms).
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Shiloh Fernandez and Jane Levy (a newcomer who resembles Emma Stone) have been cast in the leads. I only know Fernandez from Deadgirl and a few critically panned films with Twilight actors and I've never heard of Levy so I figure we'll need a trailer to see how it looks.

But at least it's better than Lily Collins (who's been awful in everything she's in).
Diablo Cody gets a lot of flak, and undeservedly so, in my estimation. Nobody would give a crap about her if A- they didn't know that she had written a book about being a stripper or B- Juno had never become stupid popular.

Most people's complaints about her stem from these two factors, as far as I can tell. The United States Of Tara was actually a fun show, if not exactly to my taste. Jennifer's Body was pretty under-rated if you ask me. In a world where generic horror remakes cover the horizon, we're really going to complain about Jennifer's Body? It wasn't perfect, but it had a lot more merit than 90% of the schlock we get subjected to in the horror market these days. Plus, you know, Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried making out wasn't so bad. Cough.

I have no idea if a remake of Evil Dead is a good idea or not... kinda depends on whether or not it's good. Raimi and Campbell I trust to at least be fun. Say what you want about Legend of the Seeker being silly serial schlock based on a horribly mysogynist book series, it had a sense of adventure and fun to it that was certainly a signature of being from Raimi's company. Keep in mind that these people also make the superb Spartacus: Blood and Sand series and Drag Me to Hell.

So yeah. If Raimi wants to trot out his classic early film, I believe that he's going to try and do it up right.
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I don't give crap for Cody being a stripper. In fact, one of my best friends was a stripper for a while. I give crap to Cody for being a terrible screenwriter whose dialogue tends to be incomprehensible.

Ken Loach's movies are easier to understand and many of his movies are subtitled.

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That's kinda my point. People object to her or they object to her style; not always both at once. Look elsewhere in this very thread; posters remark on the stripper thing despite the fact that it's completely irrelevant to her screenwriting abilities. Everyone Remembers the Stripper.

I don't find her dialogue incomprehensible at all. I have no trouble following it.
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Raimi and Campbell were presented with the rough cut recently. Raimi said, "Itís really bloody. Itís so bloody, it will make your head spin. Iíve seen almost all the dailies, and theyíre really going for it. Itís gonna be grisly and intense and non-stop."

I've heard the odd spoiler here and there. There's an element retained from the original that I'm surprised they brought back.

Also, Knott's is going to have an attraction inspired by the movie in Halloween.
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The first footage from the remake screens tomorrow at the NYCC. I'm told some sites will have it streaming live, as well.
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I am hoping we get it for general access. I watn to see what they are going to be doing with it.
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I got a Logo Just Cause
first image of Jane Levy possessed and description of trailer shown.

Looks good and that image is pretty creepy.

And yes the raping tree is back

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73 TuefelHundenIV13th Oct 2012 06:46:27 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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"Who watches the watchmen?"
74 Idencar13th Oct 2012 06:53:12 PM from Home Sweet Home
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[up][up]WUT? I thought Raimi said the Tree Rape was a mistake and wanted to do away with it, or is my mind playing trick on me?
75 maxwellelvis13th Oct 2012 06:54:43 PM from undisclosed location , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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Well, at least the actors didn't have to wear those awful contact lenses this time.
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