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Bumping for Votes.

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77 MadMan40009619th Jul 2011 06:32:14 PM from Massachusetts , Relationship Status: My own grandpa
Rename because said superpower could be anything.
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[up] Exactly, it's jarring to new comers and will continue to get mis plot holed under it's current name. Not being able to come up with a better name is no excuse.
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79 Xtifr20th Jul 2011 04:41:08 AM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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Have there been examples of it being misused for other superpowers? I've seen it misused as a generic term for "drawn with big breasts", but that's about it. People don't seem to have trouble with the ambiguous "most common" part; it's the word superpower that they ignore.
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[up][up] How is it jarring to newcomers? Any examples of that in effect?
81 MadMan40009620th Jul 2011 02:21:44 PM from Massachusetts , Relationship Status: My own grandpa
[up]They could just as easily be confused for more super powers, like heat vision, super strength, or Nigh Invulnrability.

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You have to prove misuse, Mad. Just saying people can make the mistake doesn't count.
83 MadMan40009620th Jul 2011 02:24:20 PM from Massachusetts , Relationship Status: My own grandpa
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After about a week, the crowner stands at...

Wow. Dead even (20-20). That's pretty impressive.
85 MadMan40009620th Jul 2011 02:30:24 PM from Massachusetts , Relationship Status: My own grandpa
Which decision you think will break the tie?
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Renames (and other major changes) have to be 2:30 to 1 in favor to go through. Not just majority.
87 BearyScary20th Jul 2011 03:11:18 PM , Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
I voted to rename it because I think this trope name is misleading. I catch onto the meaning of creative trope names pretty fast, but I was confused about this one for a while when I was still new to This Very Wiki. It took a while before I realized it was about boobs on superheroines.

Super Boobs is a little meh to me, but I'm OK with any name that's a little more descriptive.
So does anyone have ANY evidence whatsoever that this trope is being misused for anything other than big breasts?
even if it isn't being misused it's still a bad name with a clear case of Guess That Trope
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^ Failing Guess That Trope is not grounds enough for a rename.
[up]really cause I've been a lot of tropes renamed for that reason. Not to mention it's misleading and unclear is that not enough too.

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Lack of misuse (when that lack of misuse is not caused by lack of use) is not only specifically listed on our list of reasons not to rename, it's the first reason listed. Lack of consensus is considered a strong reason for lack of page action as well.

Also ... the Guess That Trope page specifically says, and I quote (emphasis mine), "It must be noted that in most cases, this is not enough to warrant a rename by itself. Sometimes people just won't go along with it- maybe the title is a case of Fridge Brilliance, or even just a case of "all right, I couldn't guess that, but I still think the title is good". While a valid case of Guess That Trope weighs on the side of renaming, it is not as important as proof of misuse (lack of which lies heavily on the side of not renaming)."

That isn't to say that this trope doesn't need a rename (though I, personally, would like the name to stay); there have been several people who have given good arguments in favor of a rename. However, the people voting against the rename (the ones you have to convince) don't think the name is unclear or misleading enough to warrant changing ... non-theoretical misuse or secondary arguments might help them see it from your point of view, but stomping your foot and saying 'but that trope's voters let him change his name' will only hurt your argument.

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Nakama was re-named. Even though the argument used there was no different than here "well WE understand it, there for it must be common place, and doesn't deserve a rename."

Nakama got re-named.

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I was not arguing that this trope name was common place. I was not even arguing that the trope name shouldn't be changed, or that there was no misuse. I was merely pointing out that you were misinformed in your response to Starry Eyed: you posited that a failure of Guess That Trope in the presence of an otherwise healthy trope is reason enough to change, while it is stated in several places (including Guess That Trope ) that it usually is not. I worded it so strongly so as to reinforce the point, since it was something that had already been said and responded to in a very dismissive way. I also pointed out that many voters do not agree with your stance on the names's clarity, that it will be much harder to win them over to your side (or for others to do so) when you go about dealing with points brought up in rebuttal (or, as the case may be, correction) by simply dismissing them rather than addressing, and that you would be better served arguing your point about this trope rather than dragging in other repairs that may or may not be comparable to this situation at all. I would be much more brought in by your explaining to me why you think that this trope, in particular, would deserve a rename despite (assumed, as no one has brought the numbers up yet) good usage rather than your saying 'well, we rename other tropes even though there's not misuse'

That said, Nakama had much more behind it's rename than simply being a failure of Guess That Trope.

Two Cents and On Topic: I've yet to be swayed one way or the other. I mentioned before that I'd like the name to stay, but it is mostly a guttural 'ha! I like that name' feeling I get from it that may be biasing my opinion of how suited it is for the trope at hand. I would be very honored if you, Vyctorian, were the owner of the argument that helped me see the light, so to speak.

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Nakama also had Word Of Mod arguing for a rename. I never saw a problem with that name (apparently it's Japanese for "friends", in this case being a metaphor for not just any friends but one's plot fellowship) myself, but I couldn't keep up with the massive posting party.
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Who knew Power Girl's bust could be so divisive?

As it stands now, I voted against a rename—I'm comfortable with the title and think it sums up a lot of what the trope is in a succinct way.

However, I think that, yah, it doesn't thump you on the head with what it's about, and there are an endless variations that could be more descriptive, accurate, and still sorta funny.

But it seems to be working in the articles: whenever it's dropped in one of the works, it is clear from context what it's all about, and when it's potholed in descriptions it is equally as clear.

And I fall back on my ever-ready stance that if you do stumble across the title without a clue as to what it is referring, you are inspired to click and explore, making it all the more fun.

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97 Xtifr21st Jul 2011 01:30:33 PM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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[up]It's only fun if the name isn't so opaque and unmemorable that you're forced to click on it every freakin' time you see it, and then say, "dammit, I already saw that one".

Fortunately, I don't think Most Common Superpower suffers from that flaw. There is no "most common superpower", so the name is pretty clearly a euphemism, and it's clear that people get that.

The only problem we're seeing is that people are ignoring the "super" part, and using this to describe any ol' big breasts used for fanservice. And since "super" is right there in the name, it's a bit ridiculous to claim that the solution is to change the name.

I think the real problem is that people want a subtle, nudge-nudge kinda way of saying Big Boobs For Fanservice, and since this is the only breast-related trope we have that offers any kind of subtlety, they use it. So I think the solution is to give them what they want, by creating Most Common Fanservice or something like that, and leave this trope alone.
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98 32_Footsteps21st Jul 2011 01:35:50 PM from Just north of Arkham , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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[up]That looks like a good candidate for a new trope to me. Heck, I know I have no qualms with the name.
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There's another issue with this trope it's not even about super powers, It's just that in western hero comics most of the women have bigger breasts. Which adds to how it's misleading. If we don't change the name we should at least put some kind of banner at the top that would link to which ever trope lists common super powers to avoid confusion. In bold like how works with a Late-Arrival Spoiler do.

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100 Deboss21st Jul 2011 01:51:47 PM from Awesomeville Texas
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I haven't voted. I'm not really convinced either way, since my instinct is to rename because of obtuseness, but I'm not really sure how much the name has become entrenched based on various google searches.

Single Proposition: Most Common Superpower
13th Jul '11 11:24:51 PM
Vote up for yes, down for no.
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