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Redirect Farming: Most Common Super Power get usage counts

Cure Candy
Seeing how the last thread defined it as "Western Super Hero Genre" specific, however "super power" is vastly incorrect and will constantly be misused with this title.

Super Power is a very very vast term and is used in many genres. Some of which actually use this trope too however they can not now.

edited 11th Jul '11 9:02:26 AM by Raso

Actually, a question: did we coin this term? The comic that seems to have inspired it doesn't actually use it, and strictly speaking it's not referring to breast size per se, but to both large breasts and ridiculously skimpy costumes (or maybe I'm just an idiot who doesn't get the joke). I can see how this term could come about, and how it could be traced back to that comic strip, but I hang out with superhero comic fans and I like to think I'm at least somewhat knowledgeable of superhero comics and the culture around them, and I've definitely heard plenty of remarks about the way women are portrayed in this genre, but I have never heard anyone refer to the "most common super power" outside of this wiki. But I guess that doesn't mean other people don't use it, it just makes me suspicious.

edited 11th Jul '11 8:57:38 AM by joeyjojojuniorshabadoo

This came up about a month ago. The rename lost. here.
Cure Candy
The trope was changed and restricted yesterday.
[up][up]Well the renames back for round two like Rocky in Rocky 2. Also that renames two years old, the wiki has changed, the people in it have changed and a lot of the policies have changed.

The current name is misleading, and not to the point in the least.

I've been on tropes for over a year now, and when ever I hear most common super power my mind still flashes to all of the traits superman has massive breasts isn't on of them. It's not a known lingo term by comic reader either ask 20 non-trope savvy comic reader on the streets and you'll hear words like Super Strength, Nigh-Invulnerability, flight, Maybe one or two might say huge breasts.

edited 11th Jul '11 11:08:52 AM by Vyctorian

Rarely active, try DA/Tumblr Avatar by
 6 Deboss, Mon, 11th Jul '11 1:11:47 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
I'm almost positive that this was not our term for it. Whether it's an industry term decades old or something a fan came up with a week before the trope was launched is not something I know.
 7 Meta Four, Mon, 11th Jul '11 1:28:27 PM from mistletoe and molasses
Supposedly, Calvin and Hobbes is the trope namer (says so right on the work page). However, the actual dialogue from the comic in question:

Hobbes: Is Amazon Girl's super power the ability to squeeze that figure into that suit?
Calvin: Nah, they can all do that.

 8 32 Footsteps, Mon, 11th Jul '11 2:25:17 PM from Just north of Arkham Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Think of the mooks!
Don't quote me, as I haven't been avid in comic book circles in ages, but I feel like the trope was actually named in something like Wizard or something else that covered comic book fandom before Calvin and Hobbes came around. I certainly remember discussing it before I hit puberty, way back in 1990 (two years before the comic in question ran).

Heck, I specifically remember that as around the time where the trope was actually beginning to be lampshaded in the comics themselves, usually by characters who would not consistently be shown with large breasts (since I was heavily into the X-Men comics, that'd be Jubilee, Shadowcat, and Wolfsbane, Depending on the Artist).

Hmm... I wonder just how long this trope has been in effect... I initially thought it was stretching back into the 60's, but I'm starting to think that it might be newer than that.
Reminder: Offscreen Villainy does not count towards Complete Monster.
Either way I've been into comics since I was a child, as has my father and several of my cousins and uncles, none of tyhem have heard of MCSP being used for massive breasts.

I'm in a comic book shop at least twice a week, and usually just to talk comics I have never once heard, Most Common Superpower used for huge breasts off of TV Tropes.

Like I said earlier most people like strength, flight , ect.

edited 11th Jul '11 3:19:54 PM by Vyctorian

Rarely active, try DA/Tumblr Avatar by
Cure Candy
If its limited to western super hero comics thats fine I guess its what tropers decided however with the current title its hard not to put Ninja who can clone and do other super power stuff with the current title.
I'm not opposed to renaming but I can't come up with a come with an alternative, maybe someone else can. Anyway if you ask me the misuse would probably if we simply (which admittedly isn't an easy task) removed the non-western superhero stuff from the wicks.

edited 12th Jul '11 8:27:42 AM by captainpat

 12 Artemis Strong, Tue, 12th Jul '11 9:00:57 AM from The Mended Drum
Wizard/Father of Tom
Don't we come up for with our own name for tropes all the time around here?

The name is definitely skewed to the witty end of the witty-precise spectrum, but if a change is needed, why not something along the lines of Impossible Physiques Are Commonplace ?

edited 12th Jul '11 9:01:40 AM by ArtemisStrong

[up] Because a Physique is the whole body, this trope deals with breasts, which is a specific part.

 14 Artemis Strong, Tue, 12th Jul '11 11:30:27 AM from The Mended Drum
 15 Deboss, Tue, 12th Jul '11 12:50:35 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
I find Super Boobs to be okay.

I did a quick google search of "most common superpower" and I not only got seventeen thousand results, I got a GIS popup focusing on super heroines chests. It seems to have spread outside of us at least a little bit.

edited 12th Jul '11 12:55:15 PM by Deboss

 16 32 Footsteps, Tue, 12th Jul '11 12:56:02 PM from Just north of Arkham Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Think of the mooks!
As to what the actual most common super power is depends on just how serious the discussion is. A serious discussion usually ends up being between Super Strength, Flight, or being Made of Iron. Sarcastic or silly discussions end up with this trope. As you may guess, I ended up in quite a few of those.

Super Boobs is a better name for it, though. As much as I like the snark, it's much more clear... and it's a bit silly while we're at it. Super Bosoms also makes me giggle like a schoolboy, but the former is more likely to be searched for.
Reminder: Offscreen Villainy does not count towards Complete Monster.
[up][up] True but you guys just redefined it, so a large chunk of what I could find are no longer applicable.

Super Boobs is fine with me.
 18 Deboss, Tue, 12th Jul '11 2:19:05 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Well, I've seen a few articles use it differently. I've seen: large breasts, large breasts that defy gravity (even when upside down), large breasts that manage to stay in their Stripperific costumes with Absolute Cleavage, and Heroic Build.
Super Boobs works great.

edited 12th Jul '11 4:38:35 PM by Vyctorian

Rarely active, try DA/Tumblr Avatar by
 20 32 Footsteps, Tue, 12th Jul '11 4:43:01 PM from Just north of Arkham Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Think of the mooks!
[up]Damn right, they do.
Reminder: Offscreen Villainy does not count towards Complete Monster.
 21 pokedude 10, Tue, 12th Jul '11 5:04:25 PM from Mount Silver
Man on the Mountain
Super Boobs works.
Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.

óMark Twain
Dragon Writer
Regarding the Trope Namer, this trope is not (a) a term ever explicitly used in Calvin and Hobbes, neither (b) an explicit reference to Calvin and Hobbes. The name is derived from a Calvin and Hobbes strip (the page quote), but that's not how a Trope Namer works.
 23 Dragon Quest Z, Wed, 13th Jul '11 9:51:12 AM from Somewhere in California
The Other Troper
Plus it referred to the outfits, not the breast sizes.

Um, With Great Power Comes Big Boobs?
I'm on the internet. My arguments are invalid.
 24 32 Footsteps, Wed, 13th Jul '11 9:52:44 AM from Just north of Arkham Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Think of the mooks!
Hmm... should we start a crowner on this one, then?
Reminder: Offscreen Villainy does not count towards Complete Monster.
Cure Candy
Umm is it me or have people in this thread described this trope like 5 different ways and only 1 of them is actually on the page?

Single Proposition: Most Common Superpower
13th Jul '11 11:24:51 PM
Vote up for yes, down for no.
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