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Nyanpire the Animation:

 1 flygon 250, Thu, 7th Jul '11 9:39:02 AM from Versailles, UK. Oh, wait
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Nyanpire The Animation


For better or for worse, Gonzo are back!

And what did they make this time? A random live-action dancing PV for some J-Pop song! Oh, and a few gags involving a cute vampire cat too.

But seriously, it was pretty cute. But I would have rather had more Nyanpire cuteness instead. It does a pretty good job at wasting 5 minutes (three if you skip the full-length ED theme), but it's nothing great, apart from how adorable Nyanpire is (see my current avatar).

edited 14th Jul '11 3:43:58 AM by flygon250

My standard Anime Theme song game variant rules:

[Censored by ACTA]
Nyanpire probably won't be as flat out adorable as Chi, but this should be a nice source of cute for however long it lasts.

Just watched the first episode. Thought it was completely adorable. (And being the Jerkass I am, I kept on hoping she'd actually drink the tobasco.) I have nothing to say about the ED though. >.>
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[up]Yeah, I was expecting that moment too. Sadly it didn't happen.

 5 Funnyguts, Thu, 7th Jul '11 8:21:43 PM from French Bread!
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Nyanpire: The Day GONZO Discovered Adobe Flash
,%,..@@@,.%,.@G,.@@,.% / Playing with animals.
Ep 2 is out...awww, I'm almost disappointed they pulled a Chibitalia here.

 7 Spirit, Wed, 13th Jul '11 6:16:46 PM from America Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Scumbag Lee
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[up][up] You and me both. I was so convinced that he was a girl.
Don't mind me. I'm just a creepy little lurker.
"I, Mewlouch vi Brinyannia, command me!"

First thing I thought of when I heard Nyatenshi in ep 3. :p

Am I the only person who thought Nyatenshi was a female at first?
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