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Anime/Kamisama Dolls:

Together Forever...


Kamisama Dolls

Well, I knew nothing of this going in, and whatever I expected, it wasn't that.

Really good though.

A few notes. Hibino has truly gigantic boobs, and her being voiced by Kayano Ai is hilarious. I think her boobs are as big as those of every other character Kayano's voiced this far put together.

Fukuen Misato is perfect as Utao, who's totally awesome, her pissed off faces are great.

And can someone just kill Aki? Please? He's going to do nothing positive for this show.

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I think he's supposed to be the antagonist.

This show reminds me of...Jojos Bizarre Adventure, Persona, and ummm....some other show that uses mons.

Nice OP.
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 3 Recon 5, Wed, 6th Jul '11 2:02:32 AM from Southeast Asia
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Is that mecha-QB I see in the ANN picture?

 5 Funnyguts, Wed, 6th Jul '11 2:13:17 AM from French Bread!
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I checked, and the manga has been around since 2007, so Kyubey is more fleshy Kokoro instead of the other way around.
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I have read what little of the manga is on Manga Fox and didn't think much of it but from what I saw in the first episode it looks like the anime is going to be better than the manga.

I did think the creepy singing whenever the dolls moved was very good.
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What the manga does have over the anime, however, is that it lacks Hibino's grotesquely oversized chest.

And reading through it it appears that Aki's going to get marginally more tolerable, which is good.
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 8 Shirow Shirow, Wed, 6th Jul '11 4:09:28 PM from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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[up][up][up][up] O_o

I watched the episode and it was... Okay. It hasen't really hooked me yet, but i'll keep watching for now.
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So what's this anime about? Looks like not many people are aware of the manga, judging by the lack of a trope page.
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 11 Shirow Shirow, Fri, 8th Jul '11 8:48:46 AM from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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From what i can tell... A Hidden Elf Village that controls dolls who are also gods that are animated by children's music commanded by a little girl who fights The Rival of the protagonist who will inevitably have tons of Foe Yay together because they're both attractive young males while there's a conspiracy in the background that they'll eventually have to unravel. Also a girl with big boobs.

That's my take anyways.
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 12 flygon 250, Fri, 8th Jul '11 8:49:27 AM from Versailles, UK. Oh, wait
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[up]Everybody was too busy looking at Hibino's breasts to know what this anime was about or to bother writing a page on it.

But seriously, it's about a guy from some village with weird customs and his younger sister. The antagonist is an Accelerator look-alike who hates the village where the main character comes from and appears to have murder many people. Oh, and there are these weird things that the little sister and the antagonist control too, one of which is called Kukuri. There's also a girl with large breasts, the one I mentioned at the top, but I don't think she will be that important besides being a plot device (read: a Distressed Damsel) and giving the viewers something to ogle at.

Did I mention that Brains Base have chosen Seji Kishi to direct this? I'm expecting Mood Whiplash (a-la episode 4 of Angel Beats!, also directed by Kishi), and Lots of it, although it's been pretty subdued thus far.

So, in short, watch Mawaru-Penguindrum instead.
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[up] But it's an adaptation, right? How would there be a Mood Whiplash if there might not have been any in the original?
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It's not necessarily a close adaptation
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Finally went and started the wiki page for those that care. As for the show itself, it actually seems kind of interesting to me for a pilot episode. Though I do have a couple questions:

  • If this clan is so small and obscure how come they seem to have several people planted in Tokyo?
  • Did they actually provide Aki any airholes when they wrapped him up near the end of the episode? I know, he somehow frees himself and escapes again but still its funny to think of what would happen if they forgot that part.

edited 8th Jul '11 10:44:32 PM by DocHaus

Is it just me, or is Aki voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto?
MAL || vndb || Blog
Together Forever...

Kimura Ryohei

This isn't something you have to guess about. You can look it up.

Nope. Kimura Ryouhei

He does have some differences from Accelerator

edited 8th Jul '11 11:00:50 PM by Hylarn

Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought
Too Good For You
Funnily enough, Nobuhiko's voicing Kyohei of all people in this show instead.
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From the very little manga that I read (there's only 12 translated chapters, and there's about 8 volumes worth of material), the anime is a pretty close adaptation of it. The first episode covered nearly 3 chapters. And from the little that I read, I gather this series as a whole has a bit of Mood Whiplash, but made more apparent in the anime b/c of the quick pacing. It goes something like: So L moments/character interactions —> training with Utao —> battles/mystery —> So L moments.
 21 Arilou, Sat, 9th Jul '11 3:23:13 PM from Quasispace
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I see it as a big plus that the characters are at least college-aged rather than high school.
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Just watched the second episode

A somewhat more light-hearted episode. I do love Kuuko

edited 12th Jul '11 1:19:14 PM by SebastianGray

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Oh dear, I don't see anything good coming from Kuuko. Also; they really, really shouldn't show Kukuri in silhouette. On the plus side, either they've gotten better about Hibino's chest, or I've gotten used to it
Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought
Too Good For You
[up]Oh snap, you're right. I just realized myself that I didn't feel them constantly staring at me through her shirt like last episode.

ITT this episode was otherwise kinda boring but I suppose they can't have a Seki battle every week.
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 25 djmaca, Wed, 13th Jul '11 9:50:59 PM from Philippines
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Reminds me of Alive, only mechanized and has this Mai-Hime feel to it. Good story tho.
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