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So I just finished watching the first episode, and I thought it was pretty good. The only thing that bugs me is that Japanese is used as both Japanese and French in-universe. It makes sense, but it just feels odd.

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Out already? Okay, need to grab.
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Translation Convention can be a real bitch.

Anyway, absolutely adorable. I seriously doubt this will have anything remotely resembling a plot, but so what?

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Its like Aria! Oh this is going to be a must watch.

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For some very obvious reasons

Edit: Damn, we don't have a page for Junichi Sato. Dammit. We should!

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Will watch now.
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[up][up][up] I thought you meant Hidan no Aria and went "WTF? This is nothing like that!"

Except y'know, loli.
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This show is really nice, relaxing, and cute. Yune is so moe without a single bit of fanservice. Hopefully, they can keep this up throughout the course of the series.
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So...they were talking in French the whole time, but Yune was speaking Japanese so they wouldn't know that she spoke French. Did I get that right? Does the grandfather know Japanese, or did he just sign language his way through his trip (and was he speaking Japanese or French to her)?

Yune is cute, and I like her kimono, but I kind of hope she gets clothes that are more conducive towards working in a shop filled with metal and glass objects (unless she stops trying to clean the place up and just stands there to attract attention). On the other hand, what the hell am I saying, they're obviously not going to take her out of her adorable Japanese outfit until they spend an episode taking her out to buy a pretty dress at which point there will be moe overload because she's so happy and cute.

Speaking of which, how come Yune couldn't just speak French from the beginning? That conversation between Claude and her about the sign wouldn't have been as awkward as it was to watch.
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Hmmm...I was hoping it was going to be more like Gosick...
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[up]What gave you that notion?
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Quickly reading the premise....

Some sorta fish out of water story...japanese protagonist moving in to some french place...etc.

Of course, this time the genders are reversed....

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I see you didn't see a reivew, article, etc. saying that it's slow-paced and is similar to ARIA.
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Never seen nor heard of ARIA...like I said, it was just a quick read of it's premise.

I'll definately watch a few more episodes since it's not bad perse.
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I'd have more good will towards this series if it remotely looked like it took place in actual late-19th-century Paris, instead of The Theme Park Version of it. As it is, my brain was in perpetual nitpick mode (wait, his shop's named after the King ? No wonder his business is struggling...), and that's no way to enjoy the show.

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Liveblogging of EP 8 of Umineko no Naku Koro ni to start... sometime.
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Considering that we already have about three different Gosick clones this season, do we really need a fourth one?

Also, is it just me, or is the spacing between the eyes of children in the series absurdly huge? Like, This Space for Rent huge.

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This show is like Aria?!

*Goes to watch it*

... Slice-of-life's so hard to watch in bulk.

Guess I'm not going to continue this.
[up][up]Three Gosick clones? I can only think of two. (Kamisama No Memochou and Dantalian No Shoka)

[up]Why are you here to tell us that you're not watching?
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[up]Wasn't Kamisama Dolls basically Gosick with the Lolis replaced with Dolls? Unless I'm mistaken.
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There was only one 'loli' in Gosick and she solved mysteries, not fought other lolis.
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Episode 2 subbed : Yune's reaction faces! So full of moe and lol!

EDIT: For example, my new avvy

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The bit after the ED was pretty amusing.
The first episode was interesting, and rather atmospheric. I'll watch until episode 3 before deciding. =)
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@ Pokenatic Err, I don't really know. Literally decided to watch this on a whim and I just don't feel like continuing it. So there.

Anyway, ignore me, I probably won't be appearing here again.

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