The growing problem of inscrutable titles and text:

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I've hear worrying rumours that the administrators of this site will unilaterally rename anime-related pages and purge 'foreign sounding' terms from a page without explanation.

Can somebody reassure me these are just rumours?

[EDIT: Hi, this is the guy who made this post. The admin in question has used his admin privileges to rename the thread after his favourite flamewar, almost entirely reversing its meaning and making this post look a bit schizophenic. Draw your own conclusions, folks.]

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Hell, no. No rumor at all. The idea that it is anti-anime bias is utter bullshit, though.

We will have names and text that are clear to the general reader.

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Except for Nakama. That's one shitstorm nobody wants.
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Which is of course why you changed the perfectly reasonable "Girls Love" to the much more obtuse "Yuri Genre", after everyone else in the thread said that there was no name change needed.

I found this thread on the trope repair shop, where Fast Eddie appears to have purged and moved a page over the wishes of the rest of the forum. Are admins allowed to do that?

[edit: I created a thread about the move on the Trope Repair Shop forum, but it appears to be have been deleted off the forum. That can't be right...]

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Also, I expect Eddie to delete this thread with no warning, just like he did the TRS thread on Yuri Genre.

7 Madrugada29th Jun 2011 06:16:57 PM , Relationship Status: In season
^^ Yes.

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Are admins allowed to do that?
He literally owns the website. Why wouldn't he be?
9 Ironeye29th Jun 2011 06:18:55 PM from SoCal , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
There have been instances of that sort of thing before, albeit very rarely. There have also been similar cases with non-anime terms, so anime isn't singled out in that regard. There have also been cases of the admin interfering on the side of the anime terminology, so claiming universal bias against anime is silly.
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10 MarqFJA29th Jun 2011 06:19:40 PM from Saudi Arabia , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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@Madrugada: "Yes" to what?

[up] The problem here is that all available evidence was against Eddie's arguments. Consensus was against him, not "split with no clear resolutions in sight".

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[up][up][up]Allowed as in condoned, not allowed as in physically capable, silly.

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Also, if Eddie's going to throw his weight around, how about he does so constructively and FUCKING CHANGE NAKAMA!?

I mean shit, if he changes that, I'll drop any objections to this piece of bullshit.

13 MarqFJA29th Jun 2011 06:22:10 PM from Saudi Arabia , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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@Setsuna: Please tone down the swearing. And Nakama is problematic for a variety of fairly complex reasons, which is neither here nor now.
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This only needs one thread. I zapped the misplaced one.
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[up]x6 The anime image thing.

My YKTTY of Ryokan [1]

And plenty of other places.

The thing I don't get is Girls Love was in English... Which just confuses the hell out of me. (Going both ways)

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16 Killomatic29th Jun 2011 06:29:23 PM from Loli Funtime Playhouse
Okay, Eddie, if there is no bias here, please enlighten me why was the thread about renaming Scatting to Scat Singing, in which I made the same arguments as you, locked after three posts.
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As well as the thread on Alien Space Bats
I do believe I was just threatened with banning over PM. Or at least, Fast Eddie sent me message with the sole content:

You best stop way before then.

Where the thing to stop in that context is 'posting in this thread.'
You are free to post, of course. Probably a good idea, as was clear in the PM, to stop fucking with me.
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Let's not start a war and just talk this out without yelling and banning?
21 chihuahua029th Jun 2011 06:47:52 PM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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For some reason, I found the rename to Yuri Genre...quite interesting. Must be an attempt at a compromise.

Still, everyone was against Fast Eddie. With the exception of blackcat (who dropped out 3/4 through the thread) no one agreed with him.

I suggest a crowner. Each side could list their argument with bullet points pro and con style. Only then will we see whose argument looks stronger.

At least we know Fast Eddie is still open about this, since this thread wasn't lock. That's a silver lining from my point of view.

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22 MarqFJA29th Jun 2011 06:48:37 PM from Saudi Arabia , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Eddie, can you please calm down? I don't remember Ninjacrat making any rude posts in either this thread or the zapped one, so he might want some clarification as to what you're referring to with "fucking with (you)".

[up] Yeah, that could work. We have to be sure that all argument points are listed comprehensively and clearly, to avoid large inaccuracies in final results due to early voters who might not check up on what updates happened to the crowner entries.

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23 MarkVonLewis29th Jun 2011 06:50:58 PM from Somewhere in Time , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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Personally I think anime-terms as trope names is kind of a misstep. After all, if someone's not an anime fan, they won't know what in the blue hell Yuri is. Or a Nakama.

Eddie's right; it's better to have trope names that are clear to all. That's just me, though.

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24 chihuahua029th Jun 2011 06:54:42 PM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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@Marq FJA: All right. I'll start off our side's list. Now, for the name:

  • Misuse is yet to be proven. If it's ain't broke, don't miss it.
  • Girls Love is a preexisting term not only used by readers in the west, but also by publishers.
  • Unlike Yuri, Girls Love is an English title that indicates that it's a lesbian romance.
  • Nothing had been brought up with its Spear Counterpart, Boys Love. Since both genres are sister genres, they must be written in a consistent form.
  • Compared with most pages, especially the genre pages, inbounds are fair. Changing it could turn off people who followed links there.
  • The consensus is against the opposing side.

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You are misunderstanding. The page was originally called "Girls Love", Eddie changed it to "Yuri Genre"

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