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Hopefully this is in the right place, if not then I apologise in advance.

I have been a huge fan of visual novels, both eroge and innocent. throughout my wonderings I have not found my main interest in eith of these however: foot fetishism. I have found tiny references to it in some of the visual novels, but never more then that. Though I dont expect one of these to be entirely focused on the subject, I wish to know this:

Is there any visual novel with a foot focus of any large kind?
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This is a recent visual novel that apparently has some foot-related eroge, and it actually looks like a rather good read, though since it's new it may be a while before it gets a translation.

Here is a VN currently under translation that has a foot focus in an apparently similar way to the above, but this one's got more and better votes. Of course, I haven't played either of these so I wouldn't know.

If you want non-sexual Foot Focus, then I wouldn't know where to go. It's not really a common thing in visual novels, really, for whatever reasons. Sometimes you can just pretend that the characters have nothing below their waists except in ero scenes.
3 Edmania26th Jun 2011 09:08:33 AM from under a pile of erasers
o hai
-sees first link-

goddamn that thing is so shiny I wanna read the entire thing just because of the art
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I do wish there was a non-eroge, though that in itself is harder and harder to come by. My personal tastes have always been in the minority, so I'm not to surprised that so little can be found.

Thank you for the assistance however, I will peek into the two supplied V Ns and see if they are worse a read
"To fan the flames of war is to burn the land away"
5 Nokiro19th Oct 2011 10:00:45 PM from Trannsylvania
Try Katawa Shoujo,the game it still in development but the First Act is out.

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