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It's super effective.
I have no real comment on further action with Yu-Gi-Oh, as I've never been a fan.

Okay, so for some bizarre reason, Main.Life On Mars leads to the British series, while Series.Life On Mars goes to the American show. What?

Similar problems with Main.Nightshade and VideoGame.Nightshade.

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353 SeptimusHeap17th Feb 2012 01:08:42 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Yes, it wouldn't be, but it's more appropriate to put that in Tech Wishlist
354 FinalStarman22nd Feb 2012 12:18:47 PM from Clinton, Massachusetts
WesternAnimation.The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron has been moved to the correct title, WesternAnimation.The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius and the discussion and review need to be moved. (Yes, I'm hollering this time.)

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355 SeptimusHeap22nd Feb 2012 12:21:56 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
You don't need a moderator for review moves; I've already moved that review. See How to Move a Page.
356 FinalStarman22nd Feb 2012 12:48:29 PM from Clinton, Massachusetts
According to the history of Main.How To Move A Page, that used to be impossible. Well I guess that is yet another page to put on my watchlist. Or just read it every single time I want to move a page.
Is this where the effort to move works to the media namespaces is organized?

May I put in a request for Folklore to be moved soon? It's conflicting with an entire genre which currently has no page. I can't even create a disambiguation page in Main with that video game article sitting there.

I'll add that this only has 44 wicks, so that should make it relatively easy, right? (Of course, some of those wicks intend the genre, not the game...)

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358 SeptimusHeap23rd Feb 2012 11:34:05 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Works always go tot heir namespaces. Yes, you are supposed to move them.
What I mean is, can it please be moved soon?

I need to focus on motivating myself to tackle the Oldest Ones in the Book wick morass....

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Oppression anywhere is a threat to democracy everywhere.
You Could Always Edit It Yourself. *shrug*

Did it anyway.

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
Thank you!
I'm trying to work on my other projects I already started, honest.

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362 bwburke9428th Feb 2012 08:40:02 AM from Massachusetts , Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Bumbleby is canon, dammit.
Main.Final Fantasy to VideoGame.Final Fantasy. Please note that this is the page for the series, not the first game in the series. As there are over 2000 wicks, this may take a while.

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Back to the understatements, eventually. I got a new computer, but it's having connection problems right now.
It's super effective.
My post in 351 still stands. Also, does split a franchise into multiple works qualify here?
364 lu1272nd Mar 2012 08:11:10 AM from 空蝉丸
Apologies if this has been mentioned before or if this is the wrong place, but I noticed we have VideoGame.Castlevania64 and Castlevania64 as separate pages, while they're identical. Should the latter be made a redirect to the former? If so, can someone move the wicks?

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365 Oreochan2nd Mar 2012 08:29:11 AM from Pennsylvania
Looks like someone forgot to make the main page a redirect I fixed it. It only has 53 wicks it won't be too hard to fix them all.

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366 StFan3rd Mar 2012 02:35:31 AM from Cognac, France
I am requesting for a new Works namespace to be added to the list:


For the titles already in the index Puppet Shows.

I know a new namespace isn't somethig to be considered lightly, but I think this one is a good addition. Those shows are distinct from live-action series and animation.

Some of them are already being moved to Series/, so a decision should be settled quickly.
Seeking for Light
[up] That conversation should go in Wiki Talk.
368 SeptimusHeap3rd Mar 2012 03:52:39 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Yes, we need a "propose new namespaces" thread there.
369 lu1273rd Mar 2012 08:39:32 AM from 空蝉丸
Found another duplicate: Lugaru and VideoGame.Lugaru. There are very few wicks on the former, but I'm in the middle of another cleanup to handle it myself.

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[up] Done. First time I've done something like that yikes, it gets repetetive.
371 lu1274th Mar 2012 02:44:01 AM from 空蝉丸
I have moved Mercy Thompson to the literature namespace, but there are about 100 wicks that need to be namespaced.
372 Oreochan4th Mar 2012 02:51:55 AM from Pennsylvania
[up] Add it to the Wick Namespace Migration sandbox and someone might get to it. The Wick Namespace Migration page is were you put works that have too many wicks for one person to do alone.

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373 lu1274th Mar 2012 03:07:49 AM from 空蝉丸
Did that. Thanks.
Ah, a thread for my questions. I'm going through all of the Korean stuff (and manhua as well, I guess).

  • Han-guk Manhwa Aenimeisyeon - how do I namespace these? The animated films are mostly under "film" (should they stay there?) but the series? It's not live action, it isn't anime and it obviously isn't western animation.
  • Korean Webtoons - it's a sub-genre of manhwa that gets put up online. Webcomic/ or manhwa/? Either is technically true.
  • Toys - do they stay on main/? Eg. LEGO

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375 Oreochan8th Mar 2012 06:44:42 AM from Pennsylvania
For your first question, Asian Animation and Han-guk Manhwa Aenimeisyeon don't have namespaces yet and they need them. We were discussing what namespaces they should have on this thread. Toy's don't have a namespace either.

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"Learning without thinking is labor lost. Thinking without learning is dangerous."

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