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Don't forget the card game and the many videogames.

Main.Yu Gi Oh should just be a franchise index like Sonic the Hedgehog.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
It's super effective.
The first's also accounted for. Incidentally, should probably be TabletopGame.Yu-Gi-Oh, I'm gathering.

No arguments from me about making Main/ a franchise page.

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[up][up][up]I was talking about splitting off Manga.Yu Gi Oh 5 Ds from Anime.Yu Gi Oh 5 Ds for example, since it has a manga adaptation that's very different. Same with GX and Zexal. Manga.Yu Gi Oh needs to happen even more so, which is what we were talking about in the first place, correct?

Seconding making Main the franchise page, although I kind of wish we had a namespace just for that.
It's super effective.
Oh, of course. Manga adaptations of the spinoffs. Never thought of that.
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That One Guy
I've been working on changing "Xanatos Roulette" to Gambit Roulette, but there are still 1274 wicks for the former as I type this. Help is very welcome.
[up]I moved the redirects and about 100 wicks. I'll pop in and out to help you.

So what are we doing about the Yu-Gi-Oh manga spin-offs? I mean, it's not a high priority at the moment, but Duel Monsters should at least be split three-ways.
I need some help, as I can't decide on a namespace here.

The Reader is originally a novel, but it is *much* better known as the 2008 movie with Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes.

So far, no wick I checked referred explicitly to the book, and many wicks only refer to the movie. So in which namespace should it go? What's the wiki's opinion?

Edit: Followed the rules and moved the page to Literature.The Reader.

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Let's just say and leave it at that.
It's super effective.
The Duel Monsters era is my priority (in as much as I have a priority for a franchise I know mostly from a parody I saw four years ago), and I see no issue with splitting it three-way. But not without some leads.

Anyone briefly explain the differences and major overlaps between the Yu-Gi-Oh manga, first anime, and Duel Monsters so I can split it and properly namespace it easier?

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At first, there was a manga adaptation. The first 7 or 8 volumes were adapted into the first anime, "season 0" to the West, although it never got dubbed. Everything after that in the manga was adapted into the Yu-Gi-Oh we all know and love. grin

They follow the same basic story line—Duelist Kingdom (with Pegasus), Battle City (with Marik), and the time when they went back in the past to ancient Egypt, the Millennium World arc (with Thief King Bakura as the main villain). The latter arc was called Dawn of the Duel in the dub.

The original anime didn't focus so much on Duel Monsters, as it was about the King of Games. Season 0/the 1998 series focused on general games and the final villain was Dark Bakura. There are some plot elements from beyond volume 8, but nothing major, so it doesn't ever hit Duelist Kingdom.

But the card game got so popular that DM took over the manga and an anime reboot was made (I also gather that season 0 wasn't very popular). The second anime added a bunch of plot filler so the manga had time to catch up, but both share the same 3 big arcs.

So under Main.Yu-Gi-Oh, we should have:

Along with links to TabletopGame.Yu Gi Oh Card Game (currently at Main.Yu-Gi-OhCardGame), Characters.Yu-Gi-OhCardGame and UsefulNotes.Yu-Gi-OhCardGame. I can write up a short description for each of the red-links, but it's been a decade... We should split DM first, make the other subpages, and let the wiki do its magic. There's also a drinking game.

Redirects with and without hyphens, as well as redirects where Yugioh is one word like for Anime.Yugioh GX is also a good idea.

I know the 5Ds and GX manga at least are different enough to warrant a separate page, but I doubt there are enough examples on the pages to split off, and I haven't read them. Wiki Magic could take care of that, I suppose.

If that's good, I'll make Main the franchise page. Is there an ambiguity index we could put it on? Is this split-up fine? It's a lot of work, and I'll gladly do some of it.

And there are video games. I know nothing. tongue

Actually... this is A LOT. With the video games added in too, does this warrant its own namespace, like Discworld or Harry Potter? The namespace for The Dark Tower has 6 subpages, whereas huge franchises like Transformers, Pokemon, and Digimon don't have a namespace according to the Namespace article.

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No, namespaces shouldn't be used for a particular works. Use an index.

Also, in which namespace should Main.Syrupleaf go? Video Game/, or something else?

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Seeking for Light
[up][up] The works-specific namespaces (like Discworld and Harry Potter) are mostly relics from the earlier days of namespacing, before the current system was established. By current standards, they're not actually correct, and no more namespaces like them are supposed to be created.
Ah, okay. On the Namespace article, it says "some series and franchises are big enough that they've gotten their own namespaces spun off. This is completely optional," which makes it sound like it's still allowed. Is a rewording needed? (Moving all of the Discworld wicks would be terrible...)

Main.Syrupleaf looks like it belongs under VideoGame/, but I'm not familiar with it.

The page would just be Tabletopgame.Yu Gi Oh, not Tabletopgame.Yu Gi Oh Card Game. I'm pretty sure the "Card Game" isn't part of the official title.

I don't know about making a Yugioh/ namespace, but even if we did do things like that anymore, all of the titles already have "Yu-Gi-Oh!" in them, so... seems redundant, no?


Unrelated note, when you're namespacing videogames, you should just use the single-word version (Videogame/), not the Wiki Word version (VideoGame/). The two-word namespaces are still bugged and don't work properly with the custom title system.

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
Well, there's the OCG (Original Card Game) in Japan and the TCG (Trading Card Game) elsewhere. I don't know if we need to differentiate or not.

The HarryPotter/ namespace goes something like HarryPotter.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. It's redundant, yeah.
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So, I moved Angel Beats! back to Anime.Angel Beats from LightNovel.Angel Beats.

I am not too familiar with this migration thing. Is there something else to be done with the page now?
341 SeptimusHeap29th Jan 2012 01:54:39 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Yeah, moving the wicks around and hollering on this thread to get the discussions moved around. Exact procedure is on How to Move a Page.
342 Heatth29th Jan 2012 02:51:54 PM from Brasil , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Thanks. I think I am done now, then.
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Bumbleby is canon, dammit.
Working on getting a lot of Web Original stuff moved to that namespace. So far, I've moved Topless Robot to WebOriginal.Topless Robot.
Back to the understatements, eventually. I got a new computer, but it's having connection problems right now.
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Bumbleby is canon, dammit.
Back to the understatements, eventually. I got a new computer, but it's having connection problems right now.
Old Man Ho Oh hasn't shown back up (I probably scared him off with my big list of red links tongue), so I'm wondering if I should take my Yu-Gi-Oh page split proposal to a separate thread in Special Efforts. Thoughts?

Also, I was browsing the ptitle thread and I read that titles with hyphens must also be moved. Is this true? If it is, I can do that in conjunction with the YGO split.
Anime.The Sacred Blacksmith has to be moved from it's anime namespace. Apparently it was a Light Novel first, then a Manga and then an anime. Someone please move it.
Which one would it be moved to? I know nothing about the work. tongue Is one much more popular than the others? If the differences are big enough, we could make a disambiguous page...

I'm bringing my YGO proposal to its own thread. Maybe it'll get some feedback there. This page-split sort of needs to happen.

EDIT: Thread here

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Where do people think the proper place to request wrong namespaces would be? I've come across a few instances of Series/ for things that aren't Live Action TV, and I'm not sure whether to list them on the namespace migration page or not.

(For reference Legion of Super-Heroes, Legion of Super-Heroes, Tomb Raider and the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon)

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Don't ask me, I just fix wicks.
I'm thinking we should get a seperate page of things that have yet to be moved. The Wick Migration page is only for things already move and just needs the correct wicks to be used.

I think Fast Eddie can create a list of pages marked as works that are on the Main namespace, can't he?

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