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276 StFan2nd Jan 2012 11:04:19 AM from Cognac, France
I am not too sure were to place Interstella 5555. My first reflex would be to put it in Anime/ (it would be one of the very few not moved yet to this namespace, then), but would it be more accurate to use the Film/ namespace? Plus, it's also a glorified Music Video...

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Assuming the description is correct, it'd go with film and should have Animesque added to the trope list.
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Haruhi Suzumiya should stay in Literature/ since it's marketed as a book, not a light novel, at least in the US.
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279 StFan3rd Jan 2012 05:31:20 AM from Cognac, France
Though Interstella 5555 was produced by a Japanese studio with character design by Leiji Matsumoto, so it puts it more into true Anime rather than simply Animesque. And it's 65 minutes long, does that count as feature-length?

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There are shorter movies.
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281 StFan5th Jan 2012 04:27:01 AM from Cognac, France
I think I would also lean toward "Film/" as the medium. "Anime/" is fine for TV series.

I should make the observation that some feature-length anime movies, however, were given the "Anime/" namespace and not "Film/", like for Hayao Miyazaki's works:

Anime.Castle In The Sky, Anime.Kikis Delivery Service, Anime.My Neighbor Totoro, Anime.Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea, Anime.Princess Mononoke, Anime.Spirited Away...

Methinks these should be moved to Film/, personnally.
282 Oreochan7th Jan 2012 08:40:13 AM from Pennsylvania
What should .hack be moved to? Someone moved it to Anime even though it was for the series as a whole (video games, anime, novels and manga) and the games came first. So I moved it back to main, since that's we're seem to be doing for franchises. Should it stay in main?

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283 Jimmmyman107th Jan 2012 10:50:21 AM from polan , Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
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Don't know, but the sub articles about specific anime/videogames should be in the right ones.
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284 Oreochan7th Jan 2012 10:55:50 AM from Pennsylvania
It already has specific sub articles. Maybe like what was done Pokémon and Digimon we can keep the main page for the franchise in main and move the the sub articles. I kind of wish there was a franchise namespace so those don't have to stay in main.
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Redirected The Night Gwen Stacy Died to the Comic Book Namespace.
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Cleaned up the wicks (the ones that weren't buggy, at any rate) for WesternAnimation.Cyberchase and added it to the sandbox page we've got going. grin I might do VideoGame.Beyond Good And Evil as well.

I need help for getting the wicks for Main.Discworld to Literature.Discworld. There are about 4k redirects to Main.

[up][up] There used to be a Multimedia namespace. What happened to that?

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287 Oreochan7th Jan 2012 05:01:46 PM from Pennsylvania
[up] I'm the one who moved Beyond Good & Evil, seem I'm doing a namespace sweep of Action-Adventure. I didn't really fix much wicks for it since I'm busy fixing the Tales Series games wicks.

Anyway, I didn't know we had that namespace. But I checked Namespace and it doesn't seem to exist. I think we need it to move things like Pokemon and Street Fighter off main.

Also, we have a light novel namespace now? It's not on Namespace and I'm seeing some light novels being moved to there instead of Literature/. If so I'm going to move Toradora!, Shakugan no Shana, Full Metal Panic! and Durarara!! there.

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Yeah, VideoGame.Beyond Good And Evil is on my to-do list. I also moved Literature.American Gods and I'm in the processing of cleaning up wicks for both.

EDIT: Just moved another Gaiman book, Literature.Anansi Boys. tongue

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I just moved the old Ai no Kusabi page to Ai no Kusabi. If I did everything right, I'll help move more pages in the future. I wanted to get this one done right away before the new OVA is released this month.

I do have a question though, is it necessary to move the discussion page too?
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Yes, but you need a mod for that. I've moved it.

Turned Ai no Kusabi into a redirect to the new page. Wicks still need to be fixed.
291 Camacan9th Jan 2012 07:11:47 AM from Australiatown
Also, the page type needed to be set. How to Move a Page covers the fundamentals. I was about to mention the need to note the index wicks ahead of time and fix those up as soon as a page is move to keep the basic wiki infrastructure ticking along — but it looks like this page was never on an index in the first place! It would be good to find it a home. See How Indexing Works for more.
Thanks a lot, guys. You could say I just got a crash course in indexing.

Edit: Camacan, I had removed the old page from each index it was in and had replaced them with the new namespace before I posted here.

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Have we finished moving everything off Game/ yet?
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294 Oreochan9th Jan 2012 10:57:15 AM from Pennsylvania
Looking at this game namespace index. It appears we did them all.
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295 StFan12th Jan 2012 07:11:33 AM from Cognac, France
What about the LightNovel/ namespace? It seems to be pretty much unused, and in fact on the Light Novels index it concerns NONE of the titles. Is it standard, finally, or should all Light Novels go in Literature/?

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According to Eddie (I think it was a page or two back in this thread) the Light Novel namespace is official and Light Novels should be put there.
297 Oreochan12th Jan 2012 11:02:38 AM from Pennsylvania
Since it is official, why is there no mention on namespace? I'm going to add that. I'm perfectly fine with Light Novel, and think light novels obviously are better there than in literature. Sadly, pages like Toradora! which have to be moved again. It was almost finished when it was in Anime/ but it started out as a light novel, so I moved it to literature. Now, that migration for it is over half way done,it has to be moved to light novel and we have to start all over again. However I'm hope I'm notsounding like I'm complaining or anything. I'll get to work moving it and other light novel to the proper Light Novel namespace soon.

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[up]@Nocturna, please don't tell me that. Why wasn't it on a namespace? I just moved all of Ai no Kusabi which started as a light novel before getting a hardbound single edition. Yet since there was no mention of the Light Novel namespace, I put it under Literature namespace. So basically like Tora Dora, it has to be moved again! I don't think I can do that....

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299 Oreochan12th Jan 2012 11:35:53 AM from Pennsylvania
I added it on namespace so, hopefully people check this page and the thread to find out we now have a namespace for it. Durarara!!, which is in the literature had almost 1000 wicks to move, now in it's main it has like 450 now. Now we have to move it to light novel again I'm not trying to complain, but its a bit frustrating that you have to start all over again. But, I'm going to move it on Light Novel namespace soon.

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Sorry guys. sad I hate to be the bearer of bad news. And I have no idea why it wasn't in the namespace list.

In case you were wondering, here's the post from Fast Eddie I mentioned earlier.

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