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Generally “discredited” albums you like:

 126 So Cal Toa, Mon, 12th Sep '11 11:45:35 AM from The Town With No Name
King of Pants
"Album of the Year" and "King for a Day...Fool for a Lifetime" by Faith No More. Almost everyone I know dismiss these albums (King for a Day especially) as generic pop-rock. Either my tastes have degenerated, or I need new friends.

Mosley-era FNM too. There was a lot of anger in that album that just added to how much I loved it.
 127 Mike K, Mon, 12th Sep '11 12:07:46 PM from planet earth Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
3 microphones forever
I can see that charge kinda being made towards Album Of The Year (which I like anyway), but to me King for a Day is actually one of their most eclectic albums. Yeah, there's some kinda standard Alternative Metal, but there's also bossa nova, funk, soul, gospel, and country songs in there. Oh and also one of the most insane vocal performances Mike Patton has ever had on an FNM song. I haven't heard any Molsey stuff other than of course "We Care A Lot", I should get on that sometime.

edited 12th Sep '11 12:18:34 PM by MikeK

The Prodigal Returns
King For A Day...Fool For A Lifetime

generic pop-rock

The hell kind of hipster universe did I wake up in?

edited 12th Sep '11 10:18:35 PM by DarkDecapodian

Aww, did I hurt your widdle fee-fees?
 129 Kitsune Inferno, Mon, 12th Sep '11 10:40:08 PM from East Tennessee
Jackass Detector
I'll admit that I haven't actually listened to the album in question, but I'm curious as to how one can apply that term to anything Mike Patton as been involved with.
"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt." - Some guy with a snazzy hat.
Totally agree with people saying "A Thousand Suns" - it gets SLATED but I think it's a really good effort that hangs together as a single work admirably. It is also way, way better than Minutes to Midnight - other that Given Up and What I've Done I find that album unbearably bland and boring.

[up]What about "Bleed it out"
The smartest idiot you will ever meet.
eeehhh it's OK but I don't find myself listening to it very often.

Dark Horse by Crazy Town. Pretty patchy but has a lot more good songs on it that The Gift of Game. Change, Drowning, Decorated, Candy Coated and Hurt You So Bad spring to mind.

edited 23rd Sep '11 3:45:51 PM by Jonny0110

Also it's not "discredited" so much as overlooked in favour of their other albums but "Generator" by Bad Religion is, I think, an amazing record with uniquely sparse production which is a lot better than the albums usually said to be their "best" (Suffer, Against the Grain).

And "It's All In Your Head" by Eve 6. When I first bought it I HATED it. Thought it was terrible. Then a while ago "Good Lives" came up on my iPod when I shuffled it and I thought I'd better give the album another chance. Sure enough, it's amazing. A dark, experimental record which yields great rewards for those who persevere.

 135 Loid, Sat, 24th Sep '11 2:03:37 AM from Eastern Standard Time
Folie Á Deux by Fall Out Boy. It isn't my favorite, but I don't think it's their worst work.
"Dr. Strangeloid, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Cleanlink" - thespacephantom
Jet - Shine On

I'm not sure about you but every where I look it just doesn't get good reviews and only 2.9 on sputnik while personally I think it is miles ahead of get born.
Like a mother hiding her scars history hides the lies of our unending wars
 137 0dd 1, Sun, 25th Sep '11 4:04:16 PM from Nowhere Land
Just awesome like that
Wait, Jet made another album?
Insert witty and clever quip here.

My page, as the database hates my handle.

My music.
[up]They've made get born, shine on and shakka rock.
Like a mother hiding her scars history hides the lies of our unending wars
 139 Master Inferno, Sun, 25th Sep '11 4:32:55 PM from Ideal City Relationship Status: Cast away
All Pop, No Culture
Wait, Jet made a third album???

edited 25th Sep '11 4:33:06 PM by MasterInferno

Today's episode of Master Inferno Says Terrible Things is brought to you by...
 140 Mike K, Sun, 25th Sep '11 5:00:55 PM from planet earth Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
3 microphones forever
I knew there was more than one Jet album because a few years after the first one there was this single of theirs where the chorus centered around a kind of Painful Rhyme ("that girl's a genius, oh oh oh oh oh oh / I think she's serious, oh oh oh oh oh oh"). Not to say I have anything against them - I otherwise only know "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" and "Look What You've Done" but both are pretty good.
Lots of Papa Roach, but especially Getting Away With Murder and Love Hate Tragedy (their best album I think). Both get scorned because they're by "that Last Resort Nu-Metal band".

[up] I unironically like "last resort" sure it's emo the opening lines of "Cut my life into peices/This is the last resort" sound extrely badass
The smartest idiot you will ever meet.
I genuinely like Last Resort, Dead Cell and Between Angels and Insects - but that's about it from Infest. The rest of their albums are better. Nothing compares to seeing them live though - great live act!

edited 26th Sep '11 2:23:44 PM by Jonny0110

 144 Kitsune Inferno, Mon, 26th Sep '11 5:51:52 PM from East Tennessee
Jackass Detector
Speaking of easily mocked bands, I like Elephunk goddammit. I realize that's the turning point for BEP and where they decided that insipid pop hits were more worthwhile than ham-handed backpacker rap, but Elephunk is a wholly enjoyable kind of stupid.
"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt." - Some guy with a snazzy hat.
I like quite a few songs of Chinese Democracy. In fact, the only ones I seem to dislike are the ballad-y "I belong on use Your Illusion" boring tracks. (Use Your Illusion, like so many double albums, was a bloated mess with one disc of gold material hidden amongst the flabby folds). The title track, shackler's revenge and better are all incredible.

 146 Mike K, Mon, 26th Sep '11 8:34:28 PM from planet earth Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
3 microphones forever
My attitude towards "Last Resort" gradually mellowed from hatred to warmly nostalgic narm * .

Um, back to the topic at hand: No Joke by The Meat Puppets maybe? I don't know what the general fan reaction is, but All Music Guide gives it two stars, it was a commercial dud in comparison to their previous album, and the band don't seem to play anything off it live anymore unless a Butthole Surfers cover they put out as a B-Side counts. I personally find it kind of an interesting, somewhat Darker and Edgier take on their normal sound.
 147 Kitsune Inferno, Mon, 26th Sep '11 8:39:10 PM from East Tennessee
Jackass Detector
I'm gonna pretend that the "cut my arm bleeding" line is an early form of hashtag rap and make fun of it for that.
"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt." - Some guy with a snazzy hat.
I enjoy A Momentary Lapse of Reason, even if it is just a Gilmour solo album.

 149 Sphur, Tue, 27th Sep '11 5:23:42 AM from England
@Loid I wasn't even aware that Fa D was considered to be a bad album. It's definitely one of my favourites of theirs.
MIA - /\/\ /\ Y /\
Not to say she isn't an obnoxious attention whore or that the lyrics are any good, but this is one well-produced album. With drills as beats and punk guitar samples the vain auto-tuned vocals in this album make more sense than in anything else that plagues today's radio stations. Maybe I'm just a sucker for artists who take the most annoying elements of mainstream pop and mix them with underground mindfuckery, like KLF and Aphex Twin's Windowlicker video. Anyway, the way this album seems to piss off everyone just adds to its appeal.

The best song in the album, BTW, is a bonus track named Caps Lock. Check it out.

edited 29th Sep '11 12:24:02 PM by MaxChaplin

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