Generally “discredited” albums you like:

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101 MikeK12th Aug 2011 08:12:33 PM from planet earth , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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I don't think i mentioned With Sympathy by Ministry - I only like about half of it really, but the half I like I like quite a bit. Twitch is better, but to me that's not really discredited because fans are more likely to stand up for it even if Al Jourgensen still files it under Old Shame. Favorite With Sympathy track, by the way:

I think if someone did a Chiptune version of that song, it'd sound like something straight out of a Mega Man game.

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102 0dd112th Aug 2011 10:12:02 PM from Nowhere Land
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@Erock: Okay, I'll give you that about the Isle of Wight version, that one is pretty awesome. I haven't heard that bootleg, so I'll have to find that and get back to you on it. And it's a given the album cuts are so held back, they saved all their energy to tear up the stage. Sometimes literally.

Really, you take that song very seriously, I never would've guessed *glances at Erock's sig*. tongue
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[up][up] Yeah, With Sympathy isn't too bad. Better than most 80's crap.
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[up][up]Yeah, what would give you that impression?smile

Most people don't know it.

Just type "see me feel me 1975 toronto" in youtube. You can tell it's a bootleg, but it's good quality most of the time.

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105 Bananaquit13th Aug 2011 12:32:16 PM from The Darién Gap , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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“Revenge” was my first taste of Ministry. I identified with it so much that when I first heard “Stigmata” some years on, I thought, “wow, is this even the same band, or some other band with the same name?”
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Metallica - St. Anger: Just being a difficult album requiring multiple listens to appreciate coming from one of the most accessible bands in metal would have sealed its fate even if they hadn't drawn apocalyptic levels of ill will upon themselves for declaring war on Napster (on top of other things). If it had been the debut album of another band, popular consensus would be closer to "great try" than something more along the lines of "unholy abortion" or other ugly sentiments.

Against Me! - New Wave: Why does it feel like I'm not allowed to like this band anymore?

Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans: Already brought up but I'd like to second the namedrop.
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107 JHM13th Aug 2011 09:42:32 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Most of what I've actually heard off of Tales Of Topographic Oceans is pretty interesting, actually. Granted, I have a higher tolerance for indulgent art-squiggle than most, but it's still a fun listen.
108 thelittleman6617th Aug 2011 11:04:55 PM from Deep in Chris-Chan's ego
I think St. Anger is pretty good.

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I love Rebirth by Lil Wayne there's only two song's on there I dislike (Get A Life and Die For You)
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I have to add one: "Out of My Head" by Lupe Fiasco & Trey Songz. It's a fantastic song, but all of Lupe's fans seem to hate it. Why is this?

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Because it's the antithesis of everything fans have come to expect from him. I actually don't mind the song itself, but once you compare it to his first two albums, it's exactly the kind of popcorn trash that he makes fun of. You can tell Lupe does not give a shit about that song, from his mannerisms in the video to flat-out saying, "["Out of My Head"] doesn't have any deep meaning behind it, and is for the chicks." Also, Lasers in general is dangerous territory.
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112 inane24211th Sep 2011 04:42:11 PM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
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St. Anger

I haven't heard it, but there is no possible way it could be as bad as people say it is.
113 Alichains11th Sep 2011 04:43:27 PM from Street of Dreams , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
Well here it is for you to see for yourself.

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[up][up]I don't know how bad people say it is, but the only problem I found with it was that the lyrics weren't very good (which as far as I could tell was fairly normal).

I guess since I'm not much of a Metallica fan, I can really say though.

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115 inane24211th Sep 2011 05:02:26 PM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
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(*Gives it a whirl*)

...No worse than any of their other stuff. I've heard worse.

If anything it sounds different at least.

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116 thelittleman6611th Sep 2011 05:59:11 PM from Deep in Chris-Chan's ego
The thing about St.Anger is that it isn't the best thing Metallica has done. It isn't on the same level as Justice, Puppets, or Load, but it has some memorable songs and some catchy lines (FRANTIC tic tic tic tic tic tock..). It isn't an A+ album by any means, but I would much rather listen to it than most Nu-Metal, or any pop or electronic music.

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^^^ As someone who played the hell out of 'classic' Metallica in my teenage years, hearing and reading the lyrics to St. Anger was painful after the likes of Puppets and Justice, which I felt were pretty good in that regard. I agree that the album itself isn't completely terrible, though.

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Just realized I haven't posted an album by an artist I actually like. Reanimation isn't liked by a subset of the fanbase by its mere nature of being a remix album. Half the songs have the guitars stripped out and many different vocalists are featured, from Korn's Jonathan Davis to Jurassic 5's Chali 2na. Honestly, I say it's all for the better. Writing a memorable guitar riff is not one of the band's strengths and neither is writing lyrics under the direction of Don Gilmore. This disc fixes that. It fixes everything. It makes "Crawling" tolerable. To hell with the nu-metal fanboys.

Also, What Doesn't Kill You... is a halfway decent album. I'm not even sure the band has a sizable fanbase, but I'm pretty sure I've heard some people bemoan this album for being a fairly generic alt-metal record. It is, especially compared to their earlier hip-hop/jazz-infused metalcore. It's definitely not my favorite album from them, but I don't dislike it as much as, say, The C.O.M.A. Imprint. Also, "9mm Solution" is a fucking awesome song that justifies the disc's entire existence.

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119 MasterInferno12th Sep 2011 09:10:15 AM from Tomb of Malevolence , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
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I definitely second Reanimation being better than Hybrid Theory, and I really don't even care much for hip-hop type stuff.
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^^ RE: What Doesn't Kill You... - an alt-metal song as powerful as "The Nameless King" is quite rare.

And "Blood" is pretty fucking brutal.

Don't remember anything else to be honest. tongue 300 Percent Density is more memorable.

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I agree with Nettacki about Linkin Park's "A Thousand Suns". Fans seem like they want LP to stay in that Hybrid Theory mindset but the only reason they have lasted so long is, not only that they're good, but they matured in their sound. Rap metal bands from that time faded out because they didn't adapt to the changing sounds in Alternative music.
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122 inane24212th Sep 2011 10:49:32 AM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
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What is Alternative music an Alternative to?
123 JHM12th Sep 2011 10:52:48 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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It used to be an alternative to slick, mainstream, synth-oriented disposable dance-pop.

After a while, I think that it became the default option.
124 inane24212th Sep 2011 10:57:09 AM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
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I thought it already had.

> Implying Dance-Pop is disposable.

125 JHM12th Sep 2011 11:15:02 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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The late 1980s—at which point the classification "alternative" began to gain currency—was a bad period for popular dance music, and even in the heyday of electronic dance-pop (1974-1983), there were still plenty of questionable performers. That said, the good stuff is... well, damn good.

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