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76 ImipolexG1st Aug 2011 06:58:12 PM from all our yesterdays
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I love Grace Under Pressure. It may actually be my favorite Rush album, give or take Moving Pictures.
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77 annebeeche1st Aug 2011 08:11:21 PM from by the long tidal river
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"The Dreaming" by Kate Bush. I know" Hounds of Love" is considered her masterpiece, but I just like "The Dreaming" better.
79 MasterInferno4th Aug 2011 01:56:21 PM from Tomb of Malevolence , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
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Going rather obscure here, but I love the double album Urfe by The Axis of Perdition. Metal critics and quite a few of the fans hated it for being almost entirely Dark Ambient with narration rather than singing, with only about three songs having any metal at all, but I thought that it was the perfect distillation of the Axis sound up to that point, and did a better job of conveying the story that a straightforward metal album would (though the sequel album, Tenements, managed to finish the story nicely while being mostly metal).
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80 inane2424th Aug 2011 05:56:37 PM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
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[up]I gotta listen to these guys.
81 MasterInferno4th Aug 2011 06:05:26 PM from Tomb of Malevolence , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
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[up]First album. You should be able to find most of their other stuff from there as well. You're welcome.
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Frankly, a lot of them, but ESPECIALLY 90's Megadeth, Risk in particular gets WAY too much negative attention. No, it's not metal, but it's a very good album.

Also, The last two albums by Trivium. (I wrote their Trope page and marked them both as Contested Sequels
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I wouldn't call Risk a good album by any stretch of the imagination, but I will admit that I do prefer it to The World Needs a Hero

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84 TheGloomer5th Aug 2011 10:19:37 AM from Northern Ireland
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I'm going to say the first Roxette album, but that's because I'm a soft rock/AOR fanboy.
85 thelittleman669th Aug 2011 10:38:47 AM from Deep in Chris-Chan's ego
I also happen to like Load...
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Two words: "My Jeans."

Everyone else seems to hate it (it's even on the Music page here), but I don't mind it at all. In an era where every pop song is about partying, sex, or bling, this song is a really nice change of pace. In fact, I don't think I have ever heard a song like this before. There are a gazillion songs about idolizing other people, but just how many are about actually imitating them? Oh, and the melody isn't bad either. The rapper is terrible, but in no way does that part alone make it one of the worst songs of all time.

And before you ask, I am not trolling in any way.

Here's the song if you haven't heard it already:

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Goats Head Soup

I've actually never met a person who actually dislikes that one. People bring it down only because it came right after Exile on Main Street and is nowhere near as ambitious as that one.

Black & Blue is the only Stones '70s album about which I have heard negative things from others. After that era it's another story.
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And Black and Blue isn't even that bad.
Goats Head Soup is actually one of my favourites. And while I like "Exile on Main street", I think that "Let It Bleed" is far more superior. But hell, even the worst records Rolling Stones had are really not that bad. Same goes for Queen.

And I also like "The Final Cut". Especially the title song. It's so sincere and full of raw emotions that it makes me cry every time I hear it.

And oh, I liked Aguilera's "Bionic" as well.
90 TheGloomer10th Aug 2011 03:25:59 PM from Northern Ireland
Inadequate law student
I was actually about to mention The Miracle by Queen. It had some pretty good songs, "I Want It All" and "Breakthru" (the latter and the title track are probably their most underrated singles) not least among them. I guess it has the misfortune of being sandwiched between A Kind Of Magic and Innuendo, which are both better albums.

Also, Raised On Radio by Journey.
91 0dd110th Aug 2011 05:31:51 PM from Nowhere Land
Just awesome like that
@"My Jeans": See, I find it to be So Bad, It's Good. My friend and I interpret the girl in the video as being a psychotic person totally jealous of Hannah Montana and who is planning on murdering her to get "her" jeans back.

And regarding the Tommy movie soundtrack (not the original album, as one person thought), I love it, but the Synthesizeritis does grate my nerves a little with it. It's nice to hear after you've gotten used to it, but on first listen it's annoying as hell. And why did they synthesize the sound of a train when they could've just sampled that (or hell, they could've just hired a Foley artist to take care of that if they didn't!)?!?? But I really do enjoy that album, especially for Eric Clapton's version of "Eyesight to the Blind".

The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band movie...while I can't say I'm a huge fan of its soundtrack, it does have its moments. Steve Martin's "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" is hilarious, Earth, Wind & Fire's "Got to Get You into My Life" is simply amazing, and Aerosmith's "Come Together" kicks cans off a supermarket shelf. Though never make me listen to George Burns singing "Fixing a Hole" again...

And, while I can't really say there's too many people who think The Beatles made any bad albums, everyone seems to see their Beatles for Sale album as nothing but a forgettable cash-in. While I was slow to warm up to it myself, I simply love it. Especially since it has "I'll Follow the Sun", one of my favorite Beatles songs.

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92 BoundByTheMoon10th Aug 2011 05:49:48 PM from The Spanish Sahara
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Re: My Jeans- Just like how deodorant can't fix ugly, the average male your age won't even notice if you buy new jeans. And that's why that video's so awesome.
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@0dd1: The only Sgt. Pepper movie song I liked was Billy Preston's "Get Back." I'm not a big fan of the others (most of them were too corny for my taste).

As for Beatles for Sale, it wasn't a cash-in, but rather an album rushed to get to shelves by Christmas (explaining the many cover songs on the album). The covers are IMO lackluster (I heard their version of "Rock & Roll Music" in a Trader Joe's just a few days ago and I didn't sing along, surprising considering how much I respect the Beatles). The original material is (as usual for the Beatles) stunning though, and "Eight Days a Week" and "What You're Doing" are two of my favorite songs by the Fab Four.

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@0dd1: I just can stand it. Champgne is horrible. And they ruined the best songs on the album. Besides, I could listen to Live At Leeds if I wanted to hear Tommy.

The version of the songs in the movie are pretty good. Eric Clapton's version fo Eyesight ot the Blind iis great, and the See Me Feel Me is fantastic.

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I think Chimaira's Pass Out of Existence is good. Some songs are of demo quality, a couple of others are blatant Slipknot ripoffs, and the lyrics show off the negative side of the influence NIN had on Mark Hunter (namely tons of Wangst), but there are also quite a few worthy songs.

I fucking love the riffs their guitarists write, and they have a taste for drummers, so... Oh, and Mark shows off his cleans quite nicely on this one. Too bad he doesn't use them often, really. They're so icy, yet soulful.

Truly, metalcore is the genre of missed opportunities.

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96 0dd111th Aug 2011 11:47:41 AM from Nowhere Land
Just awesome like that
@Erock: Really, you liked the movie version of "See Me, Feel Me"? I've always thought that was the worst rendition of the song I've heard thus far (granted, it's still not bad, but it just doesn't measure up to me). Of course, my favorite version of it is the Live at Woodstock version, but there's not much that can measure up to that.

I do agree that the album butchered some of the best songs from the movie, though. "The Acid Queen" and "Eyesight to the Blind" were just so cut down on the album... At least they left the amped-up "I'm Free" alone, though.
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97 NEO11th Aug 2011 03:55:29 PM from Qrrbrbirlbel , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Oh, I've enjoyed a bit from Pass Out Of Existence myself.

Now... Dark Matter Dimensions. Yeah, I know it has no Chris and it's weak compared to their previous album, but it is absolutely not hard to come up with something worse than Holographic Universe.

Furthermore, Dark Matter Dimensions has "A Parenthesis In Eternity", and most of the other songs are pretty awesome too.

Of course, that doesn't mean that The Unseen Empire isn't way better.

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98 inane24211th Aug 2011 04:00:22 PM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
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Cold Lake isn't that bad.

No, I'm serious, give it a spin.
David Bowie's Never Let Me Down album. I love it, I just love all the songs and I understand all the criticism because it's a little commercial-pop for Bowie but I just can't help but adore it. It may be less than the quality expected from David Bowie, but it's still tops... at least to me.
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@0dd1: The best version of See Me Feel Me imo is the Isle of Wight, except for the 1975 Toronto bootleg that depends on how good your speakers are. Granted, I've been on a mission to find a lot of versions of that song, so maybe that's why. I take this song very seriously.

I don't really like the album recordings of Tommy because they are so held back.

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