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51 SpainSun24th Jul 2011 01:20:09 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
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I have only heard of one of those bands.

So I'm evidently doing something wrong here.
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Here's another one I thought of: Bionic by Christina Aguilera.

Her fanbase hates it, but I think it's easily the best she's done so far and the most original.
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Not really discredited, but definitely ignored by most Judas Priest fans - Rocka Rolla
54 Bananaquit27th Jul 2011 11:43:33 AM from The Darién Gap , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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[up]No, as I understand it is pretty much discredited by fans (not to mention the band themselves). But it definitely has its fans, too.
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55 inane24227th Jul 2011 01:08:17 PM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
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Experience. It's a fucking INCREDIBLE album, and shows Liam at the top of his game from the get go, but since Oldskool Rave is a Dead Horse Genre it doesn't get much attention.
56 Catfish4227th Jul 2011 06:08:54 PM from world´s favourite country. , Relationship Status: I'm just high on the world
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I honestly don't get what's so bad about Metallica's St. Anger. Sure it sounds different from anything before or since, but it doesn't sound bad. And half of Death Magnetic is just amazing.
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57 inane24227th Jul 2011 06:27:33 PM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
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Death Magnetic was the first album I ever heard where the mastering was so poor I couldn't listen to it.

How could anyone let an album go out like that?
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[up] If you ask me, Rick Rubin's kinda lost his touch in the new millenium. Death Magnetic was just the most noticeable failure. But it was a good album otherwise.
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59 TheGloomer28th Jul 2011 07:36:00 AM from Northern Ireland
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While I'm not really a huge Aerosmith fan, I think Done With Mirrors is good enough to have been their comeback instead of Permanent Vacation.

As far as eighties pop-metal goes, it's better than anything Mötley Crüe or Poison or Bon Jovi did around the time (though I'd say it's not as good as Guns N' Roses would be later on; maybe on par with Def Leppard).
60 Twentington28th Jul 2011 09:31:40 AM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
Some Gave All by Billy Ray Cyrus. I really, non-ironically like "Achy Breaky Heart", and there are some other good songs on there ("Could've Been Me", "She's Not Cryin' Anymore" and "Some Gave All" are fine ballads). Seems Allmusic is the only other place where it got a good review.
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61 TheGloomer30th Jul 2011 01:14:59 PM from Northern Ireland
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On Through the Night by Def Leppard. I'm not one of those fans who'd say it's their only good album becauase it's the heaviest (though to be honest it's not really as heavy as records by Sweet or Slade at the height of their popularity) but I'd say it's not bad, and it'd be interesting to say what kind of spin they'd put on the songs if they did them live today.
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@Buscemi: The soundtrack for the movie is awful Synthesizeritis.
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63 Bananaquit30th Jul 2011 11:24:29 PM from The Darién Gap , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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The soundtrack for the movie is awful Synthesizeritis.

I actually thought Pete Townshend’s experiments with synthesizers on the Ken Russell Tommy soundtrack were pretty interesting. The main problem with the soundtrack was who was singing. Since when could Ann-Margret sing rock? Since when could Oliver Reed sing at all?
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64 Nettacki31st Jul 2011 02:42:12 AM from Connected to my tube amp
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"A Thousand Suns" by Linkin Park. I think it's a good album with some ambition and willingness to change. Of course, its hatedom likes to paint it as the worst thing in the history of ever, or something.
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65 thelittleman6631st Jul 2011 12:44:01 PM from Deep in Chris-Chan's ego
I find it odd how people make a big deal out of Death Magnetic's mastering. I listen to some of it quite often and I don't really notice anything wrong with the production.
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The only album I've ever really noticed the mastering on was RHCP's Californication.

As for mostly discredited albums, I'll bite and say that I'm a bigger fan of Relapse than I should be, considering how much I hate Encore and Recovery. I also think that Druqks is Aphex Twin's third-best album, and that ISAM is much better than Bricolage.
67 inane24231st Jul 2011 06:26:13 PM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
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Druqks gets a lot of YMMV, I've usually got my iPod on shuffle, so I usually don't notice lack of album cohesion, so I've come to rather like the album.

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68 Daremo31st Jul 2011 08:52:09 PM from Parts Unknown , Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
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I'd have to say Wishville, Catherine Wheel's last album, the response to which was a factor in their break up. I liked it a lot.

Pitchfork's review of the album begins: R.I.P. Here lies Catherine Wheel...

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Pitchfork's review of the album begins: R.I.P. Here lies Catherine Wheel...

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70 annebeeche31st Jul 2011 09:53:55 PM from by the long tidal river
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People don't seem to like Grace Under Pressure, Power Windows and Hold Your Fire that much when it comes to Rush's discography, due to the synthesizer spam.

Well, you know what?

I like the synthesizer spam. In fact, GUP to HYF is my favorite era of Rush. Try that on for size!

People also don't like Vapor Trails because of the poor mastering (Loudness War casualty! Goddamn you, masterer). I don't like the mastering either, but the songs themselves are good.

EDIT: Somebody needs to find a Vapor Trails vinyl (because vinyls usually have much, much better sound quality due to not being jacked up for loudness to the point where the waves clip) and convert it to digital. Seriously.

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Megadeth's Youthanasia and The System Has Failed.

They definitely aren't talked about as much as their other albums but I loved them.
72 JHM1st Aug 2011 07:28:31 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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[up][up][up] I'm not sure whether to heartily agree or disagree with that statement.

(That is, I think you're right, but perhaps not for the same reasons.)
73 lee4hmz1st Aug 2011 07:34:16 AM from A shipwreck in the tidal Potomac , Relationship Status: Chocolate!
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The Royal Scam and Gaucho by Steely Dan (their two lowest-rated albums on Allmusic, though I doubt fans dislike them quite as much), pretty much anything by MC Hammer but especially Too Legit to Quit (which was following a tough act, granted); 5150 by Van Halen (or: Eddie plays more Oberheim than guitar in this).
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74 inane2421st Aug 2011 09:37:33 AM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
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[up][up][up][up]I hated the synths on Grace Under Pressure.
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Fixed that for you.

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