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Uploaded chapter 17 of The Ballad Of Stoot And Argyle. -confetti-
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So, a long time ago I had an idea for a Zoids fic back when that was kinda a thing.

It would be harder than any other story since I've watched two eps of Guardian force from when I was in England one time in 2002, all of New century(which has my favorite Zod, the Shadow Fox. In fact, it was going to be my hero's main Zoid), a few eps of Genesis, and nothing of Fuzors.

Plus, I know shit about the Battle Story and the like.

There would be alot to learn, and I'm still trying to get a whole bunch of other tales off the ground. Still I might think about it.
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Knouge forever!!
Here's my newest fanfiction: Sacrifices to Apep, part 1. In this story, Sonic and friends go to Egypt. Unfortunately, Rouge is hypnotized, and soon, so is Blaze. They are lured to a mysterious pyramid, where an evil pharaoh plans to stop Global Warming, by a Virgin Sacrifice!
I am completely, utterly, and thoroughly done with Sola Sonica and 2D
Knouge forever!!
I am completely, utterly, and thoroughly done with Sola Sonica and 2D
Tales Calculated to Drive you Batty

Tope Ten Bat-Vehicles Lucius Fox Refused to Back Up

10- Bat-Pogo Stick.

9- Bat-Jet Powered Roller Skates.

8- Bat-Ice Cream Truck.

7- Bat-Unicycle.

6- Bat-Arrowmobile ("Seriously, Bruce, you have to let go on that competition...")

5- Bat-Motor Propelled Surfboard.

4- Bat-Flying Cardboard Box.

3- Robin Carriage ("You have started picking them far too young, Bruce...").

2- Bat-Pinto ("It'll explode at the slightest bump, Bruce!").

1- Bat-Akiomobile ("I'm glad you finally admitted you need releasing some sexual tension, Bruce, but this...!").

Knouge forever!!
Here's my newest story, entitled Robotnik Finally Snaps. It's an attempt to combine SATAM with the games.

Dr. Robotnik Finally Snaps.

"ARRRGH, NOT AGAIN!" Robotnik exclaimed as Sonic sank his battleship and his allies cheered. When he hit the bottom, Robotnik crawled to his lair. There, Rouge, Omega, Jet, Wave, Storm, and Eggman Nega asked him "How did it go?"

Robotnik said "No worries, I have a much better plan. You are not needed." Robotnik then gained a violet aura glowing over his body. This aura continued to get bigger and darker until it became a sick black. Robotnik then called for Orbot and Cubot to come into the room.

Orbot said "Hi, doctor. You seem to be quite bright, as always." Cubot went "I feel so bright, I could sing." Cubot sang Yankee Doodle, unaware of Robotnik's looming foot. Robotnik then stepped on Cubot as Orbot screamed. Orbot grabbed Cubot's remains and was then stomped himself. By this time, Robotnik's dark aura had completely engulfed him. Rouge, Omega, Jet, Wave, Storm, and Eggman Nega stared in apprehension and horror. Once the aura faded, Robotnik looked very different. He had a conical head. His blue glasses were gone, revealing black eyes with horrible red pupils. He had spiked shoulder pads. His fat had turned to muscle. A cape had grown on his back. But worst of all, one arm was now robotic. Robotnik's voice was now much more sinister and had a mechanical echo.

Robotnik then said "I need a certain Eggman Nega to help me..." Eggman Nega walked together with Robotnik. Eggman Nega then found a large glass capsule. The capsule was labeled "ROBOTICIZER. ONLY USE IN CASE OF EMERGENCY." Robotnik grabbed the capsule and brought it to the room where Rouge, Omega, and the Babylon Rogues were.

Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Tails, Amy, Cream, Silver, Blaze, Vector, Charmy, Big and Espio looked through the window. Vector said "There must be real trouble down there. It looks like a meeting of evil."

Espio then opened the window to have a look-see. He saw Robotnik discussing the machine. He claimed "This is a Roboticizer. It is a device that turns flesh to metal. An upgrade of my old Badnik making device."

Eggman Nega then went inside the roboticizer. Robotnik pushed the button. Eggman Nega was panged with horrible pains and screamed in horror. He was being turned into a robot from the feet up. By the time the process ended, Nega was a mindless machine. The slate-grey robot emerged. Espio then began making a hole in the wall. Robotnik then said "This machine turns you into a robot. You will have no free will, but be fully aware of what you are doing and not be able to stop it. And you will all be my test subjects. He then grabbed Rouge and dragged her toward the machine. Rouge screamed in fear.

Knuckles and Shadow heard her cries for help and burst through the hole Espio and Big made. Rouge was placed in the roboticizer capsule. Knuckles and Shadow burst through. Robotnik then hit the button. Rouge's legs turned from flesh into metal as she screamed in utmost agony. Knuckles then punched the glass and Shadow fired a Chaos Spear. Knuckles then grabbed Rouge out of there.

Rouge was saved. However, her legs and one arm had been roboticized, but not her whole body. Shadow then carried her to the group and showed them. Silver said "Oh no, what if Dr. Robotnik uses her to track us?" Tails replied "Hakuna Matata, she will be fine."

Blaze noticed that Wave was being dragged into the roboticizer. Robotnik pushed the button. Soon, Wave was being turned into another slave of Robotnik's. The now-mindless, beige Wave emerged and left the room.

Just then, a robot dropped from the sky. It was an Egg Gunner. It shot at Storm with a net and stuffed him into the machine. When the button was pressed, Storm was now a Robian. Soon, he ordered Storm to grab another Roboticizer. Once the two Roboticizers were up. Robotnik had Wave and Storm grab Jet the Hawk. Jet said "Hello, allies! Do you want to go back to the airship?" The mechanical Wave then made a horrific roaring sound and beared horrible teeth. She grabbed Jet by the shoulders and dragged him. Omega said "I'm already a robot, what danger am I in?" Omega foolishly walked into the roboticizer. Then, Robotnik hit the button. They were both roboticized at the same time. They emerged. They were both now grey. Rouge tried to talk to Omega. Omega simply roared and approached the group. Sonic and his friends all fled. Rouge was being carried in Knuckles's arms. It would be a while before the little bat would walk again; her legs were now robotic and stiff. Sonic remarked "Phew, that was a weird experience." The group then stayed in a hotel in Central City. Before bed, Sonic said to Blaze "Do you think things will get even worse round here?" Blaze replied with a hollow "Yes, things will."

Just one day later, Tails saw Robotnik building a new ship. It was a dark gray. Robotnik shouted "This machine, the destroyer, will certainly outclass my Egg Carrier. Behind him was a creature that looked like a realistic version of how Eggman used to look before his transformation. This creature said "Sir, the precise calculations say that this ship's main gun is much weaker than that of the Egg Carrier. Robotnik replied "We don't need a powerful cannon. We have defense."

Tails watched the construction of the ship day and night. Robots then emerged from holes on the ship. They resembled, Jet, Wave, Storm, Omega, and Nega. Robotnik relaxed as they did the work. The roboticized Nega brought Robotnik a rebuilt version of the Eggmobile. It now was a sleek, spaceship-like vehicle. Robotnik went inside and zoomed off. Tails told the group "Wow, Robotnik is sure busy."

A day later, the ship dissapeared from sight. Soon, the maid came into the room. She said "I recall Tails talking about a giant gray ship. Is it the one that is flying over the city?"

Knuckles replied "Probably."

Robotnik was on the ship in it's control room. Robotnik laughed and said "Taste that polluted air. Isn't it marvelous?" The mysterious creature replied "Yes sir, a delight." and coughed. Robotnik replied "Soon, all of Central City will have the same fragrance!"

Robotnik's ship flew over the room Sonic and Co were staying in. Rouge decided to visit the Commander. Rouge, along with the rest of the group, went to see the Commander. Rouge announced they had lost Omega to Robotnik. Robotnik had arrived and stood there. He then said "You want Omega. He's right here." Robotnik then revealed the roboticized Omega. Omega approached the secretary and grabbed her whilist roaring. Rouge then charged up and said "No, you cant be like this!" Robotnik ordered to his Egg Gunners "STUN HER!" and Rouge was shot at with a stunning lazer. Blaze then said "You despicable creep!

Robotnik replied "Why thank you!" Robotnik then ordered Omega to dump the secretary into a Roboticizer. She screamed in fear as she was being transformed. Out emerged another roaring robot slave. The commander was then grabbed and Roboticized as well. Robotnik ordered his Egg Fighters to roboticize everyone. As Sonic and his bunch made an escape, G.U.N. Soldiers were rounded up and Roboticized. The roboticized troop were ordered into the Destroyer. Once they went back to the hotel, the ship appeared over the whole city. Egg Gunners were being poured out from all sides. Robotnik emerged and said "Welcome, Central City folk! I am taking over right now. Sonic and co are probably too afraid of me." No one belived him except Sonic and co: they were very scared and considered running. Blaze said "Guys, this is not time to fight!" and pulled on a leash that chained Amy to it.

Meanwhile, the normal citizens of Central City, human and animal, stood round in disbelief and laughed. This proved to be their downfall, as soon, the Egg Gunners were rounding them up and carrying them away. Soon, entire platoons of Egg Gunners were all over the place, rounding up citizens to be roboticized. Once all the citizens were rounded up, Robotnik revealed his marvelous horror: a line of Roboticizers. The people were shoved into these horrid machines. Soon, all of the people who were rounded up were Roboticized. Luckilly, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Blaze, Silver, Cream, Espio, Rouge, Charmy, Vector, and Big had fled, along with a few other survivors.

They fled to the forests. They were wanted now. Sonic then said "Robotnik is no longer fun. Our very lives are at risk now."

I am completely, utterly, and thoroughly done with Sola Sonica and 2D
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Behold my Madness.

Another idea that's been in my head. two actually. Both Sailor Moon inspired.

Man, I never even understood why the hell I was watching the show when I was younger(being a guy, I felt shame at watching what was essentially a girls show), but now here I am putting out ideas for stories about it.


1) Based on the anime mainly, in the moment before Sailor Saturn awoke and destroyed Mistress Nine from the inside, the latter struggles for control, and even considers destroying their body out of spite. however before it reaches that point, a new player arrives.

Mistress Nine had used Chibi-Usa's pure heart crystal to revive itself, and being exposed to the formers dark powers caused something to stir and awaken. An echo, a false persona:

Black Lady. She appeared there as well due to a connection between the body of Hotaru and the pure heart of Chibi Usa, having continued to exist in a weakened form, hiding in the deepest parts of Chibi-Usa's mind, unable to manifest until Mistress Nine's actions gave her a pick me up.

She stopped the Messiah of silence from her suicide plan, with the offer of lending her a small bit of power, enough to maintain herself deep within Hotaru's mind and body until a time when she can possibly reform herself. In return, she allows Saturn to awaken, so that Chibi-Usa's pure heart(which is also her pure heart) can be returned, letting Black Lady live and possibly restore herself as well.

Mistress Nine agrees, with the caveat that now that she knows Black Lady is there, she will kill Chibi-Usa as soon as she wakes up. Black Lady vows to do the same to Hotaru.

I don't have much else though out besides the fact that they will both awaken around the same time. cue the Senshi(especially Usagi) flipping their shit at two of their strongest enemies both coming back at once, in addition to being in the bodies of two people they care for.

Naturally, there will be Yuri as

2) This one also has Black Lady and Mistress Nine. It's an alternateUniverse to the regular series. Two actually; one where the Black Moon Family one, and one where the Death Busters came out on top. However, both worlds are linked to the original universe where the Senshi awakened. Sometime goes wrong in the past, because Usagi doesn't become Sailor Moon, and the Dark Kingdom never attacks. Without these things, there's nothing to lead to the existence of either group(I'm not sure how well this works yet).

So Black Lady, along with the Akayashi Sisters goes back in time to figure out what happened. At the same time, Mistress Nine does the same with most of the witches 5(well, probably 4 in this case). The two groups meet in the past, with no Senshi to stop them, and go about trying to foil each-others plans and ensure their future is the one that comes to pass.

In Essence, both groups will be taking the place of the Senshi, destroying the Monster of the Week of the opposing side and saving people(in order to push their respective agendas), while simultaneously playing Psycho Rangers to the other group.

They'll be match up by colour with the exceptions of the leaders of course:

Black Lady vs Mistress Nine.

Petz vs Tellu

Calveras vs Mimete

Berthier vs Viluy

and Koan vs Eudial.

I'm thinking each side will use both Manga and anime portrayals(whatever will work best and give them the most characterization), and there will still be the mystery of why Sailor Moon never awoke in the first place

Both ideas are pretty raw, and I'm still a little surprised at genuinely considering a Sailor Moon story. Never thought that day would come, but hey, life surprises you.
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Cross posting this from a topic I started in the comic section(one that I started):

I wanted to know a little bit more about this staple of Captain Marvel (namely how it is portrayed Pre Crisis, Post Crisis and Modern era before the Nu52 reboot).

I know it's where the Wizard Shazam resides(usually), houses the 7 deadly sins of man, and the three faces of even, and is said to be a Nexus of Power for those who wield the powers of Shazam.

Also according to this article on Wiki Pedia, it can be used to access different locations in Space and time. I recall seeing a Post on Scans Daily a long time ago where Captain Marvel was on Apocalypse and it was implied he used the Power of the Rock of Eternity to get there.

I also wanted to know more about how the Marvel family reached the Rock. They flew at the speed of light in Pre Crisis times, but I'm curious as to how they did so in Post Crisis times and the like.

It's for something I'm working on, and knowing would help.

And sorry about the double post.
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And now a triple post.

I mentioned this on the previous page.

Well, it's a Halloween themed story, and I've actually got three chapters written up that I plan on posting soon.

It will still be another 3, maybe 4 chapters. I'd like to finish it before Halloween, but I'm not sure I can pull it off. Still, it will be great to get it finished.

I even signed up on in preparation for it.

Hopefully, I won't regret that. I've heard the place has problems here and there.

I was going to post a preview here, but couldn't decide what part to put down. So the first part will just go straight to

Look for it soon. It's my first work, so I'm rather excited.
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Alright. After talking about it for a long time, I've finally posted my first ever story on

So do the Handsome one a favour, and check out the first chapter of Superheroes, Fairy-tales, and Halloween night.

If you do, you'll get a cookie...

looks at pile of empty cookie boxes


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Would anyone be interested in making an All-Purpose One Piece Fanfiction Thread?
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I personally wish the Code Geass fanfic thread would get more traffic...

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I'm considering making a Mega Man / Rockman Fanfiction thread myself. I've never really played the games(only watched bits back when my brother used to play) but I figure old Mega needs some positive news with all the crap Cap Com has done to him. Plus there are those excellent novelizations by Magus253 on Fanfiction.Net.
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Here's my latest work: Calamity, a Firefly Mirror Universe fanfic.
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My second (in terms of posted) fan fic, Pokémon: Spark and Steel. It is a bit dark, though. :/

As of posting this, it has five chapters.

I hope it abides by the rules of the first post in this thread.

Before anyone asks, I got bored with my first one, for some mysterious unknown reason. If someone wants to read the one or two chapters of it, then I guess that I'll post the link to Dusk and Dawn here as well.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Solvernia, written by yours truly, has updated and I finished the Beauty Village arc. I'm rather proud of how it ends. For the interested, link here.
My work is here. Current main fic: Tengen Toppa Gurren Solvernia
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The future of warfare in UC.
For whatever reason I decided slamming out chapters for all my active stories was more important than my Christmas presents (I still haven't touched them after opening) and though I've generated approximately 4207 words in new postings I didn't get to In The Service like I meant to. Because apparently I put a lot more effort into that then I thought.

But I did get to Night Life's 12th chapter, if any of you Bubblegum Crisis fans are still out there after all these years.
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Can anyone recommend any good Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt fics?
220 SCMof28149th Jan 2013 09:41:12 PM from Center of Madness, 2814 , Relationship Status: I don't mind being locked in this eternal maze!
Damn My Yuri Charisma!
Well, there's this one called Unequally Rational And Emotional...
Magic! Adventure! Reasonable Facsimiles of Kamen Riders and Mahou Shoujo! Have a Free Ebook!
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Where there is Distress, therein lies a Story. Where there is a Story, therein lies a Will. Where there is a Will, therein lies a Soul.

[up][up]For the sake of future reference, if I ask for recs of anything and I don't say "Negima" or "Negima crossovers" - in which case I'd be asking over in that thread anyway - then URAE doesn't count because it's primarily a Negima fic.
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Just came up with an idea for Persona4:

Basically, the initial premise is What if after gaining their personas, Yousuke and Yu / Souji / Whatever the fuck you want to call him realize that even with their new powers, they can't catch the murderer on their own and opt to fill in Dojima on what they know?

They show him their ability to enter the T.V, and explain what happened the first two times they entered(I don't know if normal people can see personas or not, so whether they show him that is up in the air). It's enough to convince him that there a whole other aspect the murders that he's not really prepared for.

At this point, what happens next is up in the air. I mean, I really have no clue where it could go next, but the entire plot would be significantly altered by that one action.

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As a sentient train, I am morally against any kind of de-railing.
Sounds pretty interesting - 'specially since I just started Persona 4 on Thursday (currently on the Rise case). Actually, I kinda had a thought like that while I was playing, but odds are I'm not the one who'll pick up the fic.
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Can I post my Kingdom Hearts fanfiction and it's ideas here, or should I do it on the Square Enix topic? It's crossover with Ar Tonelico, possibly Disney too.

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