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The Wesker Children
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The Wesker Children:

Well, I think of Bishop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003. Besides, think of how does he can take on the Turtles and the Shredder's minions. If Spencer might think he's dead, then he's wrong. He created clones of himself to transfer his mind, and changed his last name to Bishop since he wanted nothing to do with taking over the world.

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If you're talking about Resident Evil's Wesker Children, then that was a project by Wesker to create an army of the perfect soldier. Himself. The project failed and only one clone survived. Given the failure of the project, Wesker decided to put the remaining clone to a different use. He gave it all of his memories, excluding those of the Wesker Children, altered its personality so that it would be slightly less cautious than the original, and set it loose to do what it would. Knowing how he would act without restraint, Wesker was fully aware that his clone would distract Chris while simultaneously providing him with all new BOWs to consider for future projects. While Wesker seems to have died at the end of RE5, he actually succeeded in ways Chris wouldn't even think to consider. He was believed dead and he now had Ouroboros to add to his myriad of BOWs of all shapes, colors and sizes.
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