Should we create Sandman recap pages?:

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I hope I'm doing things right bringing this here, it's my first forum post here. (Hi.)

The Sandman is a huge page and Trope Overdosed. Would there be any interest in helping me create recap pages for the specific volumes- they're summarized individually on the main page already- and move tropes that occur pretty specifically in certain volumes to recap pages? So Arkham Asylum as a Cardboard Prison will go to Preludes and Nocturnes, Loki's Shape Shifter Guilt Trip ploy will go to The Kindly Ones, etc. Then the main page will be clearer with tropes regarding the plot and character arcs of the series, recurring elements, world/mythology details.

I'd love assistance and feedback on the topic as it's a big task and I unfortunately do not have access to quite the complete series at this time, for checking details.
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Okay, when you do this, you don't move the tropes off the main page. What you do for Recap pages is summarize the chapter and mention some of the tropes. If the page is getting too large, you can break the tropes into A-G etc subpages.
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Recap pages aren't the appropriate venture for this.

However, The Sandman is pretty long, so I would say that a page on each arc is reasonable. There are already pages for individual arcs of other comics, and similar splitting has been done to get the pages for The Dark Tower, Harry Potter, and Discworld down to manageable lengths.
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