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People are getting confused by this discussion. Just to be clear, there are two different possibilities for script submissions:

  1. An Echo Chamber script. Only one of these will be accepted and it will be used mid-second season. It will not be "due" until the end of the first season, if not latter. It has to fit within the premise of the show/characters and not overly effect the plot, character relationships, etc. More details and contact/submission info here
  2. Some other script/show entirely. It still has to have a "describe/show a trope each week" format, but otherwise it can be anything within reason. Read the rest of this thread and contact the mods for more information.

Those are the highlights as far as I can tell. Pointing out the difference because talking about them both in the same thread was slightly confusing.
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Shannon and Elyse are leaving? But I liked those characters...

Hmm...let me see if I can try a "explain and then demonstrate" format, with behind-the-scenes hijinks.

You've still got plenty to work with for 5 minutes.

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I'm calling Catapult Nightmare, thanks.

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Is calling a thing we should be doing? Lets say I call Butt-Monkey and I produce a somewhat mediocre script and somebody else had a completely dynamite Butt-Monkey script but decided not to write it because I called the trope and then disparaged their haircut.
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My personal opinion: I would say that everyone submitting should write for whatever trope they think they can do the best with. If multiple entries are received for the same trope, whoever produces it will have their choice of which script works best for them.

So no "calling" in that case.
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I don't consider stating what one is writing for an exclusive "dibs," but more "maybe consider doing something else because this one may be written by the time you get there."
That's the idea. Go with your instinct that the script you write for a trope will be vastly superior to those pale imitations the others are working on. It is just fair warning that there will be comparisons
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Got an idea for an Echo Chamber Tyrant Takes the Helm/]The Umbridge episode that I'm going to try to throw together.

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I'm thinking of an episode of Ontological Mystery that ends with them realizing that Zack has been recording the whole time, so he probably recorded the mystery as well... Hmmmm...
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Well, what an interesting proposal! I can probably find the time to write something up as well. Perhaps something involving a Twin Switch...that doesn't feature both 'twins' on camera at the same time, of course.
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Digression that has little to do with the scripts thing:

The most complicated part of acting for two in live action is timing the shots where both are on camera at once. Well, the effect itself can be complicated too, but only if you let it be. I once did it with just cropping the empty half of one of the takes out in Final Cut and the only non-timing issue I had was a shadow that crossed the line for a few seconds.
Don't feel limited by that particular effect. Zack and I had actually been discussing doing that. Here's something Zack did a few years back. The way the greetings are timed was always the part that impressed me the most:

Now, this was a solo project for a class in his freshman year, so obviously we can handle more complex effects now. Don't go overboard, but if you want to use the effect—go for it.

(Also, yes, I know Zack is not ugly. His character, however, might be.)

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I could try for a gender flipped She Cleans Up Nicely for Zack. Say, there's a reason for a double date or a formal event and he shows up in a smoking?

Of course, I'm very sleep deprived in these past few weeks, so this probably sounds really weird and nonsensical to the sane and well rested.

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So I've been thinking in terms of an Echo Chamber script, but it really looks like all the competition will be there.
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Give it a try anyway.
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I was thinking of doing Double Standard as the trope in question for the script I was writing. There's a lot of ways that trope is seen as really really bad, or used in some way that doesn't want the person to rip their eyes out. Psycho Ex-Girlfriend proved it could be used effectively, but also because it could be taken the other way entirely.

A basic discussion and story about how Double Standard could be shown as placing people in camps against one another, why the trope is bad, and then have a third party rip apart both arguments cleanly might be interesting.
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That would definitely work. One of the things I like to do in Echo Chamber is have the characters say and believe one thing about the trope and then show it to be more complicated than that. For instance, Tom's Freudian Excuse didn't actually justify his treatment of Zack, it simply explained it.

Sadly, Shannon will not be around as a character you can use in Season 2 as the actress will be departing. But there are other characters or archetypes you can use to illustrate Double Standard.
45 TheyCallMeTomu19th Jun 2011 12:40:26 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Like Zack in a dress?
If anyone's going to be cross-dressing, shouldn't it be someone who's actually...seen?
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A guy in a dress would illustrate a double standard (since women cross-dressing is rarely used for comedy in the same way), and it would also be hilarious.

Any time there's a for drama / for comedy split, it can be fun to play with. Male obsessives are usually played for drama, and the last line of the script is us playing one for comedy. You can always turn the table.

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I just want to verify what you mean by "spec script," as some people have different ideas on what that entails. Is it loosely describing the plot, dialogue, character interactions, shooting locations, jokes, etc while allowing Echo Chamber to fill in the blanks and turn it into a shooting script? Or is it expected to be virtually ready-to-film even if not quite a final draft?

Given the brevity of the videos either is probably viable, but I just want to know if it needs to be in script format or not.

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We shoot using scripts written in the standard screenwriting format. For that purpose, I recommend using Celtx, which I linked to on a previous page.

Like I said before, your script would be revised prior to shooting, embellished upon in rehearsal, and probably changed the day of the shoot. But as a script, it should nonetheless be complete when submitted.

I will be sending a sample Echo Chamber script out to anyone interested in seeing our format or writing style. I will also be sending plot information. Anyone who wants to see this, and hasn't already PM'ed me, should.

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Sounds interesting, I'd like to write one for "Groundhog Day" Loop, but I don't think that I could figure out how to cram that in 5 minutes, or make a workable plot for it, or explain how Zach's camera wasn't wiped each time it looped back.

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