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Ok, this side-conversation has officially devolved into:
  • "You're a strawman!"
  • "No you."
  • "No you!"
  • Etc.

Either let's all calm down or drop the subject.

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"The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense."
- Tom Clancy, paraphrasing Mark Twain.
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I thought the subject was SPP. How about let's stick to that one here.

Also, I still gotta beat Super Mario 64 DS. I'm going to try using my 3DS to make it easier.(with a Control Nub compared to a D-Pad) Hell, codes didn't make it much easier, outside of Moon Jump. :/
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I admit I was wrong to label your mistake a strawman thing.

And you've done it before. You say that word too much. It's irritating.

[up][up]You've just strawmanned the conversation.tongue

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^ Dude, just drop it for now.

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"The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense."
- Tom Clancy, paraphrasing Mark Twain.
2130 Marioguy1287th Oct 2012 12:48:54 AM from various galaxies
Seriously, STOP.

Ugh, Super Mario 64 DS had horrendous controls. Kind of wish that came out for the 3DS now, instead of the DS. The minigames on the other hand, were really fun. Especially Poker. Man, I spent so much time on that. Too bad Luigi's minigames won't see the light of day again if they decide to bring back the minigames in another title.

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I wish they would.

And I didn't find them horrendous, just mediocre. But it's a D-Pad thing, really.

I liked that they gave you the option for two sets, though. I really wish the two Zelda DS games did the same thing.

But anyway, the mini-games were freakin' sweet. grin
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[up][up] & [up] - Nonsense. The D-Pad worked just fine.
2133 Marioguy1287th Oct 2012 12:55:32 AM from various galaxies
Not really. The controls were all digital. So the characters could only walk in 8 directions, and at 2 set speeds. Painfully slow walking, or running. It really threw me off, and if you wanted to control the characters by analog, you had to use the touch screen. (Who in the world even used the alternate control schemes anyway?)
You got some dirt on you. Here's some more!
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[up][down]D-Pad worked fine for me.

@Two versions: Well, if Zelda did it...

The whole two versions thing was a joke because the crossover was with Pokemon.

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I tried the alt scheme. Ugh, it was bad.

I haven't tested it with the 3DS, but I do believe the Control Nub style works, where 8 directions are done well. A D-Pad is poor for 3-D movement. It works decently in a 2-D overhead game, since you don't usually have to worry about moving to the Northeast(etc.) at all.

[up] Good for you. But not all of us could work with it. Depends the person, respectively.

Also, I'm talking about the two Zelda DS games having two control schemes, not some crossover thing. ...I have no idea what you're talking about here...

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2136 Jaryl7th Oct 2012 01:00:51 AM from Austria , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
The controlscheme of 64 DS makes me really wish that they would re-release it on the eShop with better controls. You know, like the original played. Oh, and make the bosses harder. As far as I can remember, many of them were down in only one hit in the DS-version. Or is my memory betraying me here?
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It took usually about 3 hits for most, so that does sound like you misremembered.

I hope if they do re-remake it, they improve the control scheme, making it Control Nub specific, and do one thing I thought was pointless; Not allowing you to beat the game only using Mario. Yoshi is a reasonable exception compared to the other 2(Wario, Luigi), but then again, he could use his tongue grab the tail. As ridiculous as it sounds, I don't want them all to be so different that they can't enter areas. I love Big Boo's Haunt. I would've liked to be able to go through as Yoshi. -_-
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[up]I thought it was weird that Yoshi couldn't go into Big Boo's Haunt. You can kill Boos with a ground pound, yet Yoshi's ground pound doesn't. What's up with that?
2139 Jaryl7th Oct 2012 01:11:12 AM from Austria , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
That makes me think that Yoshi's just there for novelties sake. xP Because, really, when you've rescued the other three dudes, Yoshi is rendered completely obsolete, even though he can transform into the other characters at the start of each course *, but that only strengthens this. xP A real shame, because Yoshi is my favourite...

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An excuse to use the other characters, clearly. Same with requiring Mario to get into the final level.

Every other level, you can find a cap to transform into someone else.(I think you still can in Big Boo's Haunt)

It makes sense to make you choose more than the original, I admit. But I preferred the "you need a character to beat a part in the level, so grab dat cap" thing. Not the "you need someone to enter a level". Was annoying requiring Wario to enter the Blue Cap Palace, was annoying to require Mario to enter Big Boo's Haunt(at first), and so on.

[up] So much this. :|

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[up][up]Technically, because of the hats, Yoshi makes Luigi and Wario obsolete.sad

but then again, aren't the other ones also able to do this?

No, they aren't. It really has been a long time.tongue

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I'm an Irene!
[up] Except you need Wario to get into the Blue Cap Palace(or whatever the name was, meh), so... not exactly. But you need to use Luigi's Hat to complete it and use the Blue Cap itself. I found that kind of awkward.

I also preferred the original caps, and think they should affect everybody. Albeit, for Wario, clearly his "Flying" would be harder, as he'd weigh more. But his Ground Pound from it should be stronger, including possibly dealing a shock wave of damage. So much more could've been done.
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[up]Yeah, but then they exist to access one level.tongue

Also, now that you mention it, the other characters seem to exist in the game as replacements for the caps.
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Literally too.

However, the Power Flower gives Cap-based abilities too. If I remember correctly, Mario had the Float from Super Mario World, and I think only Yoshi gained Wings. Both do make sense.

I miss Metal Mario. I'd say yay for Smash, but he's almost impossible to face in Brawl, or Giant Donkey Kong(they're very unlikely due to programming, oy).

Anyway, IMO, I'd just let them all gain the benefit from all 4 caps. Float, Wing, Metal, Invisible.
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[up]Yoshi got fire breath. Mario got float from the Power Flower AND the Wing Feather.
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Ah. Funny how the Fire Breath couldn't be used against the Ghosts...

Bleh, been a year, heh. XD

Anyway, I'd just let everyone use Fire Breath/Fire Balls, and have them all be able to get Float, Wing, Metal, Invisible, imo.
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[up]Beta screenshots showed that the game orginally would have the Wing Cap available to all.

It also showed 4-Player co-op.
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Well, we do have 4-player multiplayer, so that part wasn't fully scrapped.

I think that programming the weight difference for flying was harder than they thought, so they probably made it specific. Also, if everybody could get ever cap, you'd pick only one character outside of getting into a level or a simple boss. Which... means the whole thing was probably not a bad thing.

Albeit, I'd like more than just those 4 playable, as unlockable characters, but I want to keep it closer to the original Mario 64, and no "special powers" either. It'd be great to play as Waluigi in a platformer, really. Or Daisy. And those are just two decent ideas. Some of the Paper Mario characters could appear(in 3-D) as well.
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Well, we do have 4-player multiplayer, so that part wasn't fully scrapped.

Except New Super Mario Bros. Wii's levels clearly weren't designed with 4-player co-op in mind...

Some of the Paper Mario characters could appear(in 3-D) as well.

I so want Goombario.

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I was completely talking about Super Mario 64 DS. Not Super Mario Bros Wii.

Yeah, making it among 1-4 players at any time is a lot harder to design well. I don't blame anyone if it wasn't perfect.

Would Goombario work, though? I mean, if we're talking about New Super Mario Bros.. style gameplay, sure. But I worry about keeping somewhat within the design aspect of Super Mario 64 as is. Being able to Punch and Kick, Long Jumps, Butt Stomps, Item Holding, and Caps in general. I think this is one time where I want ones that can do all of those without issues. So far, everybody in Super Mario 64 DS can.

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