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[up]Hardest 2D game: SMB3. Hardest 3D game: Sunshine. All the RPGs are pretty easy, so I can't tell which is the hardest there.
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Hardest 2D game: Hmmm... I have a ton of trouble in New Super Mario Bros., but Super Mario Bros. 3 was fairly difficult. It's a cross, really.

Hardest 3D game: Sunshine, easily.

Hardest rpg: I'm going to have to say Mario & Luigi 2, mainly due to the 4 controllable characters. That made it far more difficult for me than the other two versions.(albeit, the button equals characters hurt me many times throughout it, but eh)
2078 Marioguy1284th Oct 2012 07:52:55 PM from various galaxies
Hardest 2D platformer? Uh, I dunno, I guess 3. I don't really have that much trouble with the 2D games, except the Lost Levels. (which you ruled out)

Hardest 3D? Sunshine. Also the most tedious, though Super Mario Galaxy 2 is right behind it in that department. (The Green Stars. Oh lordy, the Green Stars.)

Hardest RPG? I dunno, they're all pretty easy, but the most tedious is easily the NA version of Partners in Time. GOOD LORD that game was rushed, and it shows! Unless you put everything in Attack, battles will become complete and utter slogs.
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[up][up]I heard NSMB was easy. Is it really difficult?
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2080 Marioguy1284th Oct 2012 08:23:16 PM from various galaxies
It's generally considered to be one of the easier 2D Mario games.
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[up][up] Tiny Mario is a pain to work with, and it's hard for me anyway.

Remember, the questions were what difficulty it was based upon how it worked for the particular person, not the general consensus. Clearly, most find it easy. I just don't. That's all.

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[up]Fair enough.

I still think they should do a Lost Levels-style NSMB game sometime, so that we can get a challenging NSMB game.
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2083 Sterok4th Oct 2012 09:02:19 PM , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
I thought Wii was considered fairly difficult, though admittedly not that difficult. Anyway I have to go for 3 for 2D. I never got around to playing Sunshine or the later parts of of Galaxy 2 so i can't say on those. As for RPS's, PIT was a major slogfest and took forever (seriously, that final battle took forever), but I didn't find it any harder than the others personally. TTYD was probably the hardest of the Paper Mario games, at least if you don't do Danger Mario. SPM is definitely the easiest of the RPG's.
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Anyone else get the New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC? It's pretty fun, but I wish you could keep your record on each course pack instead of just keeping a single record. Because, man, the Gold Rush pack just makes playing Coin Rush the default randomized way completely pointless.
2085 MrYoshbert5th Oct 2012 04:39:09 AM from ??? , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Aren't there going to be leaderboards of some sort for these DLC packs?
2086 Folt5th Oct 2012 05:27:42 AM from Hollow Bastion! >=D
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[up] It will be for the Level Challenge pack, and probably also packs similiar to that one.
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2087 DiurnalBrocolli5th Oct 2012 09:19:25 AM from Somewhere... , Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Here you go! The video with the 'Baahammer... (They showcase it around the middle.)

Heck, had a similar experience with this morning's Animal Crossing Direct with one of the locations in that game.

I thought it was Club 404! [lol]
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2088 WackyPancake5th Oct 2012 11:26:31 AM from My computer. , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
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Still anticipating a 3D Mario game for WU, and what exactly it's going to be.

Hopefully something less linear than the Galaxy duology.
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2090 Sterok5th Oct 2012 02:14:44 PM , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
What's wrong with linear? I liked both 64 and Galaxy, but I personally prefer a more direct line in my Mario games. Though I guess something like 64 wouldn't be bad.
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[up]I like linear in the 2D games, and I prefer open in the 3D games. They keep the 2D games and 3D games distinct that way.
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2092 Sterok5th Oct 2012 04:49:17 PM , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
[up]Well they have been moving to make the 3D games more like the 2D ones. Super Mario 3D Land was basically advertised as 2D Mario in 3D. The Wii U one will probably go for something different.

On another note I just got the original Dr. Mario. Fun game.
Your preferences are not everyone else's preferences.
[up]So you think they're going to go for open or linear for the WU installment?
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2094 MrYoshbert6th Oct 2012 06:51:10 AM from ??? , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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That question wasn't directed at me, but I think they'll do a little bit of both.

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2095 DiurnalBrocolli6th Oct 2012 08:04:09 AM from Somewhere... , Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
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Well, as I said, keeping the 2D and 3D titles distinct is a good thing since I am more motivated to buy two different experiences than two of the same experiences.
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2097 X2X6th Oct 2012 05:21:56 PM from the Darkness Beyond Time , Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
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(thread hopping)

Not trying to go in circles with discussions and all, but I actually don't get what the problem with Magcargo Man's idea from a few pages back was. If that's "bad fanfiction", I don't quite know what kind of lofty standards you guys are holding and expect the series to adhere to.

Now, I'll be the first to admit his idea's not perfect. For one, I can't really vouch for Wario being there, just due to the inherent nature of Wario. He's greedy; unless he's being paid off or promised some kind of monetary/materialistic reward, he's sure not going to be interested. Period. Even aside of that, why would he be one of the first people called in by Peach? Why would Peach even have him on dial? And on top of that, Wario doesn't really interact with the core Mario games anymore, and Nintendo seems to want it that way.

Daisy is likelier due to her connection to Peach and the Mario Bros., but then you hit the potential stumbling block of her skillset; because she hasn't done anything in the series aside of being the damsel in distress in Super Mario Land, you don't really have much to go off of if she were made a character without running the risk of pulling a Super Princess Peach or incorporating Daisy's various abilities from the spin-offs (which may or may not mesh well with the standard platformer mechanics of the series, assuming they're even accepted by fans).

So, yes, it'd make more sense if it was someone like Yoshi or Toad or Toadette or Toadsworth. Then again, with Toadette and Toadsworth, you stumble across the same problems as Daisy: what can they do outside of appearances in games like Mario Kart or the various sports titles? (And in Toadette's case, she hasn't even shown up in main title yet.) Sure, the idea of Toadsworth being a cane-swinging ninja Battle Butler is amusing, but it doesn't exactly have canon credence.

The biggest problem/barricade is that we're working with a somewhat inflexible model. In the NSMB games, player choice is an aesthetic element; everyone plays the same as everyone else (hence the two Toads we got in NSMB Wii as opposed to Peach and the Toad in SMB2). Now maybe if the game was based more off of SMB2, we could work around this and employ a more diverse roster, but honestly, the chances of that happening are a bit slim at the moment if NSMB2 and NSMB Wii U are any indication.

I think Known summed up the nature of the series quite well here. In that respect, I think the possibility of the Mario Bros. being hit with role reversal (not unlike SPP) and ending up captured in some climax plot twist would make for an interesting change without having a large focus (or shift towards) on plot. How much different would that be in general than how NSMB has Dry Bowser and Bowser Jr. mucking up the general Bowser shtick from the original SMB? And knowing how Peach has been cemented as a damsel in distress for the majority of her appearances, I wouldn't put it past Nintendo that, if this did come to fruition, Peach would end up being captured again in some sort of double subversion that puts the control back into the hands of Mario and Luigi for the final stretch.

And for those saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, where exactly is the harm in experimentation, whether it's in terms of plot or gameplay? Last time I checked, Galaxy probably had the most narrative-centric story in the series and ended on a note very reminiscent of Akira, and that was at none of the game's expense (in fact, I'm pretty sure there was backlash because Galaxy 2 eschewed plot almost completely after Galaxy had so much of it). I personally view Sunshine as a somewhat weak 3D entry, especially in comparison to 64 and Galaxy, but I can at least appreciate the fact that Nintendo was willing to change up things a bit, from the introduction of FLUDD to the cutscenes and everything in-between. And wasn't that the problem many people had with NSMB2 (at least, in the beginning): that it really didn't offer anything substantially new and was instead centered on Coin-a-palooza? That Nintendo was maybe showing signs of running out of steam in terms of innovation and creativity?

I'm not saying the series dynamics needs to do a complete 180, but I wouldn't mind seeing something different from time to time (which they most certainly have done before) and I'm certain others out there feel the same. Sure, you have the threat of fans having qualms with treading into unfamiliar territory, but that's an issue almost every series faces. I don't need to bring up Zelda and it's post-OOT era as an example, do I?

No offense meant, but you guys seem a bit too narrow-minded about this.

Overall, I think the idea's workable. Perhaps not likely, but not far-fetched by any means either. And those are my two cents. Nothing more, nothing less. (Apologies for the wall o' text, by the way.)

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Hardest 2D game: SMB 3, though NSMBW had its moments too. Anyone who's tried to get all the star coins in 9-7 knows what I'm talking about. sad

Hardest 3D game: Galaxy 2, but Sunshine is definitely up there.

I haven't played enough of the RP Gs to be able to do a fair comparison, but I did find Super Mario RPG to be quite tough towards the end.

[up] Edit: I wasn't trying to ignore your post there. I just didn't see it until after I made mine. Anyway, some really nice thoughts there. I don't have much to add, because I agree with pretty much everything you said. [awesome]

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2099 Marioguy1286th Oct 2012 05:39:08 PM from various galaxies
Eh, Galaxy didn't really have that much plot. I mean, it was just a glorified save the princess plot, nothing really new.

Honestly, though MM's idea sounds a bit convoluted, and unnecessary. I mean, what would character switching add to the game? Nothing much. Unless the characters played differently or something, it would seem like something that was a bit tacked on. And considering that NSMB likes to have everyone play the same...

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Well Galaxy had more plot than other Mario games, at least. Nothing profound, but it was there. I think Sunshine is actually a better example of a more detailed plot (by Mario standards). While it did ultimately boil down to another rescuing the princess, it started off with a really interesting idea, the Mario doppleganger and Mario getting framed for it.

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