Not sure this is SFW: Rosario To Vampire

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Ok, maybe this is just me but, is it even possible to have even shorter skirts than these girls (especially with the girl on the left)? This can easily be considered NSFW.

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Unless actual underwear or worse is showing, it's not. I agree that that's not a good picture, though.
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Come on, that's SFW
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It's fine.

But if there had to be a replacement, then I suppose maybe a manga cover or promotional image or something would be best.
It's SFW, but it isn't a particularly good picture.

This is better. It's a works page, so we should be trying to show the character lineup. Tsukune is microscopic in the previous one.

some caption text

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6 Deboss5th Jun 2011 11:59:23 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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That strikes me as SFW. Thighs are cool.

That said, this proposed image strikes me as better.

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[up] I agree, on both points.
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Any other thoughts?
I actually put it up the other day. When it comes to minor changes like this, it's easier to take the initiative because the thread usually peters out. Someone named Torquey was nice enough to add a caption.

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