Looking for Specific Political Statistics:

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I need your help finding online sources which are reliable (backed up by numbers, not sponsored by a vested group on one side or the other) on the following between liberals and conservatives (or their closest equivalent if taken world-wide) :

•Difference in the number of positive reports of those of a person(s) of a political group reported by the same group.

•Difference in hours worked during the day/week.

•Age difference for those living with their parents versus those that don't.

•Difference in benefit packages expected by their employers.

•Difference in the number of protection and support programs expected to be given by their government.

I ask you all to please NOT do the following:

•Turn this into a debate thread about who is right and wrong, insults, etc. regarding politics.

•Tell me to "Google it." I wouldn't be asking you all if I hadn't tried that already and failed.

•Provide anything other than the sources requested.

Thank you for any help you all can provide, and if you can't or don't wish to provide any help on the matter, I understand.

This is for a friend of mine who's debating a friend. Thanks!

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I suspect that reliable statistics regarding most of these matters don't exist. Sorry.
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For data that specific, you'd probably have to contact a polling or survey firm directly.

I might be able to cobble a few bits together here or there, but it'd be from a patchwork of data, and probably not reliable.

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