suppose that women had a natural ability to control ovulation:

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Also, can you put off ovulation indefinitely in this scenario or must it still happen every month, just you choose when every month?

And yes, I agree that population would be lower, though maybe not quite as low as "small scattered tribes". But what I'm almsot certain of is that within the decade there would be a drug on the market that can force women to ovulate regularly which would be popular with old-fashioned people or abusive husbands desperate for an heir.
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it's not what modern rape is about. but that behavior pattern was evolutionary selected because men who practiced it had more offsprings because they didn't have to spend a lot of time impressing a female.

That theory has pretty much no empirical support, by the way. It's an evoluntionary psychology theory, and evolutionary psychologists tend to completely ignore historical and archeological evidence in favour of making wild assumptions about what ancient life was like.
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Not to mention that dudes who have to rape women to get them pregnant probably are not fit enough to get them to choose them, and thus their (single) offspring probably isn't going to survive.

Female choice is itself selected for. Go find a description of a duck's vagina for an even more extreme example.
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