What is the appeal of Super Robot Wars?:

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Gunpla is amazing!
I'd have to give it some thought. I'm not a big fan of dubs because the english VA talent pool is so limited.

[down] See? limited talent pool [lol]

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52 GIG30th May 2011 05:43:16 PM from Where I want to be
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Laura Bailey as every female.

Crispin Freeman as every male.

Yuri Lowenthal as every male under 13.

That is all you ever need.

EDIT: Forgot one.

Vic Mignogna as the token immature character.

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53 Fluid30th May 2011 05:55:39 PM from The Netherlands
If Crispin Freeman is not available, Steve Blum for every villain.
54 GIG30th May 2011 05:57:34 PM from Where I want to be
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And Mary Elizabeth McGlynn sings the ending theme.
55 Ratix30th May 2011 06:49:42 PM from Someplace, Maryland
I never got why SRW can't have Japanese-only audio when Guilty Gear has gotten away with it no problem.

OP: As a complete mecha fanboy, the appeal does indeed extend beyond the over-the-top animations (otherwise there'd be no need to play the games, just watch Youtube videos of the attacks). At its heart, the series is a very solid SRPG that's easier than its constituents to get into without delving into deep strategy, unlike other SRP Gs like Nintendo Wars and Fire Emblem, both which get pretty challenging or even unwinnable unless you have solid strategy.

The most strategy you usually need in a SRW game is to use Spirit Commands occasionally; that'll get you through the game with minimum losses, while the Battle Masteries are there for those who do like to get into the strategy.
56 Fluid30th May 2011 06:54:14 PM from The Netherlands
The difficulty varies per game, really. In some of them all it takes to achieve victory are very basic strategies. In others, however, you will get curb-stomped if you haven't mastered unit and terrain stats. For what it's worth, I found OG 1 to be very newbie-friendly.
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[up][up]Most likely because Guilty Gear is a fighting game. While SRW is a deep-story strategy game, and is more dialog heavy. I don't think there's been a spoken-dialog heavy game that's been released with only Japanese audio over here.

[up]From easiest to hardest, how would the Alpha games, OGS, and Z2 rank? Those are the ones I'm interested in.

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58 Fluid30th May 2011 07:33:37 PM from The Netherlands
Haven't played Z2 yet. First played Alpha and got through it at a reasonable pace, though occasionally my units were destroyed because I hadn't quite mastered the necessary tactics yet. In that sense, the OG games may be slightly friendlier to players who are still unfamiliar with gameplay mechanics.

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59 Neo_Crimson30th May 2011 09:41:13 PM from behind your lines.
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and Yakuza gets by without dubs, what the hell?

The first one had a dub, and a decent one at that, well minus one thing.

That said, I don't mind if a SRW game has a dub as long as there's an option to switch to Japanese audio.
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Holy crud, I didn't notice Weisskritter before Death pointed it out ._. I'm officially blind.

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Gunpla is amazing!
[up][up] The reason I'm against dubs is because it would be so expensive to hire new voice actors, and O Gs has ALOT of lines.

Why waste all the cash over something most people can do without?
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Personally I find SRW to be harder than Nintendo Wars and Fire Emblem. Then again I still need to get used to the series and its system. Once I have that down I can rape the fuck out of the games with whatever party I want...I do however find Fire Emblem's difficulty often overstated, but then again I have been playing the series for many years and have beaten most of the games multiple times each...Being used to a series and its style can make run ins with new games in said series less bumpy experiences...

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What makes Fire Emblem so difficult for me is the Final Death thing. I just can't bear the thought of losing any of my unit's for good, even if I didn't like them. Not only for the emotional attachment, but because I'm afraid that if I lose a certain character, I'm afraid that they'll turn out to be a crucial part of a strategy in a future chapter.

For Advance Wars, I guess it's just that I feel it's a bit too complex for me. I stopped paying attention to the series all together when they moved away from the Black Hole army storyline.

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Oh My
I don't have trouble with the no death thing really. But again been playing it for years...

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65 Fluid31st May 2011 03:44:03 PM from The Netherlands
Even without permadeath, I try to finish every chapter in SRW with no deaths because the recovery cost for some units can be steep. However, that is generally not the case for grunt units. And Boss.
66 GyraSolune20th Feb 2012 07:14:07 PM from your bedroom window >:3
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[up]Considering you can save pretty much whenever it isn't the enemy's turn, and it's not that insane to never have that many deaths if you're careful.

Yeah, the appeal of this series is definitely making a massive crossover fic of an assload of Humongous Mecha anime series and actually giving it an engaging and meaningful plot, with faction alignments and origins fitting together with surprising fluidity. Plus they always look FANTASTIC. Super Robot Wars Destiny was the last game in the entire series to not have consistently great animation, and given Z2's cast list, a remake of that seems very likely. Which is good, because D had a great plot and an awesome roster for its size.

...My goal one day is to turn my story (must link it EVERYWHERE) into an animated show and then offer the license to Banpresto for shit cheap so it hopefully becomes the first Western show (and if they don't put Kannazuki no Miko in before then, the first yuri thing too) to be in the games. Granted, it would look Animesque anyway, but still, I'd love to see it.

If it does get in, rest assured, the eponymous mech will be VERY difficult to use. Thank its dozen gimmicks for that. The Drive Core (some attacks only usable at specific Will intervals), the End Code (anything that doesn't have one can't dodge it), Refusal (basically support defending a support defend), fixed-damage attacks (basic attacks ONLY affected by Valor/Soul/Love), Dependence (use the two main characters together often enough and various things happen, going from stat bonuses to not allowing you to deploy one without the other to not allowing one to be too far away from another to going ABSOLUTELY INSANE if one dies, etc.), and probably some other stuff. But hey, it will likely be more powerful than anything, and hey, infinite energy!

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wait did someone say theres a fan translation for the ps2 version of the original generation saga?

do want.

also, playing the gba games, i noticed a weird difference with the two playable characters routes.

with fanboy mc-nohandismyrival pants you started off with barely any enemies to fight and then about 12 maps later you finally come across a fuckload of enemies to fight. in cooly mc stare-gasm's route you fight dozens of enemies from the get go. it was pretty jarring for me since i didnt realise the fanboy's storyline was the one you're supposed to do first. or that stare-gasms route was non-canon overall (what the fuck man) so i thought the game was just insanely difficult and then got more difficult.

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68 GyraSolune20th Feb 2012 07:56:34 PM from your bedroom window >:3
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[up]Yeah, Ryusei's route starts you off easier, explaining everything and whatnot. Plus you get to use the SRX for an actually respectable amount of time, while in Kyosuke's it's one mission only. But they're both certainly possible your first time around.
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Now to just add some Humongous Mecha-esque Digimon into one of these games....
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