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1 dRoy28th May 2011 01:25:11 AM from Korea, aka the Suicide Land
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So that my idea explosion wouldn't lead me to launch threads after threads.

The First One: Which one would be the best way for opening of an (slightly dark) Urban Fantasy?
  1. A Serial Killer killing and dismembering a person.
  2. The Hero attacking a criminal ala Batman
  3. A squad of anti terrorists raiding a secret base of a magi/terrorists/drug traffickers in an abandoned island.
  4. A mage/scientist going berserk and killing all the staff in a lab.
  5. An Eldritch Abomination raiding a military base.
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2 honorius28th May 2011 01:29:42 AM from The Netherlands
I'd say 3 personally.

Can you give some more backstory?
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3 dRoy28th May 2011 01:38:53 AM from Korea, aka the Suicide Land
Recycle your trash. Or else.
Second: Does this adoption circumstances sound plausible enough?

The main character's mom was eighteen (his father twenty six, consensual I assure you) when she had him. She was afraid that she might ruin his father's reputation, (he has a quite a reputation in the field of psychology) she never tells him about it. She originally considers just raising him in secret, but because of fear of being discovered, she drops him off at an orphanage, swearing that she would come back for him.

Six years later, after she marries his father, she asks him to adopt a child, which he easily approves (being a Nice Guy and all), and when she returns to the orphanage, she recognizes him (she visits there occasionally) and also adopts a girl who her son treats as if his sister.

Really, I'm not sure that's plausible or not and I really hope it doesn't sound like something out of a bad Soap Opera. D:
[up] Well, my verse is a society where magic has been interacting with science, long enough to be another branch of it, and like all good technology, there are people who are out to use it for nefarious purpose.

One of the most popular and infamous crimes of my verse includes making drugs that is extremely intoxicating, addicting, and boosts power of Augmenters (that's the term for magicians in my verse) users. Another is human trafficking, mostly for extracting ESP (also refers to Mana) directly from human, which can result in very high quality and density ESP that can be traded for high price.

To prevent any magical and non magical crimes, UN and United Augmenters Alliance created the Mediators, an anti-terrorist/special criminals organization. The squad members mentioned above are part of Pacific Ocean Division and after getting report of secret base in this island and deployed.

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Virtue is free for everyone's tongue.
4 honorius28th May 2011 04:10:49 AM from The Netherlands
I don't see anything wrong with it. It isn't overly dramatic.

I'd still go for 3, because it sounds like the best introduction for your world.
If any question why we died/ Tell them, because our fathers lied -Rudyard Kipling
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