BBC: Who's ruder: Brits or Germans?:

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94. Grandmaster of Shark
[...]The British feign an interest in someone. They pretend to want to meet again when they don't really.[...]

This is something I notice a lot.

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I hate being asked "How are you doing" by people who I know want me to say "Fine, how are you doing" almost as much as I hate people who answer everybody, even doctors, with the same response.

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If a doctor asks how are you doing please answer him.

The question should be saved if you are unwilling to help I only ask it to remind friends and family that I will help them. Conversely I only ever fine for personal reasons. I never met someone who asked it just because.

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You don't know how hard it is to get a person with the ingrained nature not to say what's bothering them to speak up.

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Perhaps, even in the short and long term, it is not good for them, but they probably got their reasons, logical or not.
Reasons? Sure, they have a reason, it's their ingrained societal response. The logic of it is irrelevant, it's a bad habit that causes problems because people basically hold their tongue when they need to speak out.

If you've never experienced it, you might not understand why it's a problem, but when you see somebody who needs to say what's bothering them, but can't get it out, well, it becomes quite the issue.

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Huh. I stand on ther side when I have issues I never tell. When people ask me whats wrong I pull away from them and get infuriated by their ingranied urge to get me to spill.
It's one thing to not want people to intrude, it's another thing to be with a doctor, and needing specific help, but being unable to say what's wrong.

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Yes it is. Any way rerail.

Germans are more rude.
35 Pykrete27th May 2011 03:18:01 PM from Viridian Forest
From what I remember of the German language, it's a bit more direct than English. There are things that would sound very rude in English if translated blindly, but in German you don't really even notice.

As for who's ruder in the context of the language and culture, I don't know a whole lot of Brits, but the Germans I know are pretty hard to beat in niceness.

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Describe how they are rude.

Never been to Germany, but my parents went to Berlin last year, and described it as pretty much what the article said; on first instinct, they're rude, but not really when you think about it. One thing I was quite fascinated by was that apparently if you go to a restaurant and sit at a bigger table than you need, another customer might walk up and ask you to move. That isn't rude, it's just logical... but I'd never do it.

As for Brits... I don't think we're rude. I think the average Brit tries too hard to be polite, and thus ends up seeming false, like the article said.

I think the German rules of social etiquette are more logical... but I could never bring myself to follow them. Even though I can see it isn't rudeness, it would feel rude.
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