Sugar is Sugar.:

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26 Enkufka27th May 2011 01:07:19 PM from Bay of White fish
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So, this is... sort of relevant? maybe? I think it deserves another topic, but what about the protein based sweeteners related to Miraculin instead of using HFCS?
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27 del_diablo27th May 2011 01:40:14 PM from Somewher in mid Norway
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And yet another reason why the free marked is really really bad.
Look at the propaganda video posted..............
It is just too silly.
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I think the people who made this commercial are kind of missing the point: HFCS isn't bad by itself, it's bad because there's a ridiculous amount of it in everything we eat.

Of course, there are plenty of people out there who heard the advice to not eat things that contain HFCS and took that to mean that it really is harmful (e.g. "it's processed, so it must be bad" or "it's digested differently, it must be bad")
29 pvtnum1127th May 2011 04:13:38 PM from Kerbin low orbit , Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Yeah, pretty much. I fell into the latter camp until about a year ago. The science behind harm is inconclusive. But too much regular sugar is just as bad.

EDIT: teh science is superior to the science, but looks crappy.

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I do notice the commercials do say "be moderate about sugar intake. " But its in hilariously small legalese style print.
Like "Professional Driver on a Closed Course" or that thing with alcohol.

Pretty much. Its there just so they can say they did bring it up while simultaneously making it as unlikely as possible anyomne reads it or has it detract from their feelgood message.

Incidentally, I've seen two of these commercials. The two moms one posted, and another one with a clean cut guy walking in the field with a small child (presumably his "daughter" ) while he spouts about how he responsibly looked up about corn syrup and found out the body cant tell one sugar from another. *GRIN*
Yeah, I really like their "it's okay if you consume it in moderation" caveat, even though when it comes to HFCS, moderation doesn't exist because it's so cheap that everyone just dumps it in their products by the gallon.
If you want to see the other one, it's uploaded by the same Youtube user.

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35 Morven27th May 2011 04:59:41 PM from Seattle, WA, USA
I do suspect that they're right that HFCS is not actually all that much worse for you than cane sugar, if at all. It's the sheer quantities of it that are the problem.

Unlike all the freak-outs over e.g. animal fat consumption, which mammals have been eating since they first evolved, eating large quantities of sugar is a very, very recent thing in the human diet.
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They are right. The problem is theyre using the part theyre right on to fashion feelgood, cheerful commercials that completely sidestep the real issue.
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