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How much does a person, with the powers of Winds of Destiny, Change, have in their bank account by the time they are banned from every casino, lottery, certain game shows, and even illegal gambling hotspots?

Of course you are probably wondering how that person manages to rip off crime lords whom did attempt to kill and rob the character without hesitation many many times. Let's just say he was really lucky to have survived getting 150 rounds placed in his body and head with three RP Gs topping it all off. Oh and he is still functioning well enough to be a calm smart alack after that overkill of an ambush.

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150 shots? Luck or no, he will bleed to death. Does the amount he have even matter? You need to have a sense of scale.
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I'd be less concerned about bleeding to death; there probably won't be anything left of him. Even something like more than 10 shots is lucky to survive.

If it helps, IIRC casinos ban you on your first visit if they get suspicious. So he'll be visiting most of these places only once.
Well when he is rigging games, he is just lightly using his powers.

But when confronted with danger well he concentrates very hard and only limits it to himself.

Results are that the physically impossible can and will occur.

On the other hand he can just make the guns jam, but he wants a laugh at the thugs before he begins to strike back. He has an handgun that he augments the bullets in a way that every shot if it hits will travel through the body in a way that causes maximum damage. Same thing happens with the knife.

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Well what is the typical super jackpot for say the really big slot machine?
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Can't he just play the lottery repeatedly?
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He'd get banned too.

Actually this isn't an over time thing, it is more or less in one night.
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Yeah, but by the time gets banned from the lottery, he'd be 100m+ up. And I think the lottery would be the best bet for a 1-shot win. I don't know of a better one, certainly.
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Actually now that I think of it, he won several local lotteries instead of the one big national lottery.

The reason is that projecting probability manipulation over long distances or over a large area is extremely tiring.

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Depends on whether or not he goes for big win, or multiple small wins. The latter is repeatable far more often, if more work.

Though Donald Duck's lucky cousin just doesn't care about money.

Nope changed my mind again.

He does manage to win several big lotteries, it is just that it requires deep meditation.
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I think his biggest danger wouldn't be getting shot, it would be getting arrested on suspicion of fraud.
Yeah that's the biggest hassle from the legit casino owners.

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On the subject of surviving 150 rounds to the body, I think it could work if a large perceantage just grazed him or only hit muscles in his arms and legs, a likley posiblity with luck powers.
Obviously in-universe Moral Guardians are going to heckle him because he is a bad example towards young people.

The whole "relying on luck instead of working hard" issue.
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