Russian Ark:

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Russian Ark is one of the few first-person movies that work. Oh, and it was shot in one continuous take.
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Actually (to be a bit of a jerk for a moment) being shot in one long take kind of works if you are going to be a POV cam because then you can treat it like theatre: what the cam sees is the stage, all else is backstage where you can do constume changes and pull all the stage ropes.
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It's pretty impressive. I've only seen the movie once (and honestly, I can't really imagine to watch it more than once,) but it's interesting, and I can imagine history buffs could get a kick out of it.
Wow, this sounds like something worth watching. It should be well known, if not being a good movie (I haven't seen it yet and so can't say if it is or not), but certainly for what it has done.
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I learned a lot about Russia from it. The ending was confusing, though.
this ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no foolin' around
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I think it's no coincidence that one of the only examples of a working first-person film is also a film without a real storyline, focusing on things the character is looking at rather than things that are happening to him.
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