US Supreme Court upholds Arizona law re:knowingly hiring illegals:

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[up][up]Yeah, because the 13th Amendment prevents you from being so exhausted working that you can easily find the energy to locate another job.


Impossible was not the criteria, easier was. I disagree with the contention that having a job, any job, necessarily makes it easier, to find another job.

It might, perhaps, have some appeal to prospective employers, but even that is of uncertain value.

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[up]If a person has been out of work for less than 18 months, you would be correct. Having any job is not necessarily beneficial to finding a "better" one.

But if a person has been out of work for more than a year and a half, having any job will make it infinitely easier at getting a "better" one. Because once you hit that 18 month point, the likelihood of being hired (by anyone) drops exponentially...

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Even accepting your claim, I would not assume that there's a causation to that correlation.

course, that still doesnt really address the point I was making.

Namely, that if you're actually LOSING money in order to arrive at a job on time, then theres very little incentive to do it even if it hurts your later job choices. Most of the unemployed are either people in the inner city or people in suburbs and rural areas. They literally do not have the transportation networks necessary to get to their place of employment sometimes. If my only options are going further into debt on a daily basis to arrive at a job some migrant worker used to do out in the sticks, then I'll need very good reasons to risk a likely unreliable car or possibility of a catastrophic breakdown and subsequent bills.

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