Ideological Discourse vs. Ideological Masturbation.:

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[up]My problem is that she was supposedly attempting to convince me of her point of view with something that was clearly designed for someone who already agreed with it.
Beholderess: The goal of discussion is not as much getting people agree with you as determining the truth.
QFT (erůáSo to speak.wink) The crucial part here is that there's a difference between evidence against an opinion, and evidence for an opinion, so it's possible, for instance, to debunk all the evidence against an opinion without actually presenting anything to support it.

Pykrete: Rarely do these discussions end with "we're both wrong in some way", but rather "you have a problem, thus it must be the whole problem."
That's what I think of as a draw. I admit there is one little thing I do on top of it though, which is that when there are a number of contradictory opinions of roughly equal apparent validity at the end of an argument or investigation, I stick with whichever I favored initially anyways, only surrendering it when there's truly meaningful weakness to its validity.

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Total posts: 27
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