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So, I'm working on a "rural fantasy" series called Weird Tales. Here's the important stuff.

The magicks are extraordinary qualities and they usually "ride" certain body parts.

Eye magicks usually manifest as visual foresight, hindsight, etc.

Ear magicks usually manifest as auditory insight or hindsight.

Nose magicks are the first problem area, but I totally want to include them.

Tongue magick is usually verbal persuasion or breath magick.

Skin magick is usually transformation.

Hand magick is usually telekinesis via hand gestures.

Foot magick is usually transportation.

Here's the cross angle: there are elemental, bestial, and dark magicks.

Here's the question: how could I spin spider nose magick and spider hand magick. Bestials can't have something stup like spider telekinesis, and then there's the issue of the elemental noses.

Can anyone help?
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How could you spin spider nose magic and spider hand magic?

I'm afraid I don't fully understand what you mean by that. Elaborate?

But I can give you some ideas for the nose/olfactory magic. It is said that animals can smell fear, because they can pick up on the pheromones released in your sweat when you're afraid. You could probably elaborate on that aspect by making someone feel afraid.

Animals also have unique scents that other animals can use to determine who's who. To elaborate, someone might be able to tell someone's true name through scent, for instance, which might be useful for spells or magic that requires a true name, and could be used to spot impostors or something.

So there's all kinds of things you could try out.
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Well, my first thought as regards "spider hand magic" is sticking to walls, but I'm not sure that's what you're looking for.

As for the nose, I think if the animal to which the powers are related has no nose (spiders don't, do they? I'm admittedly no expert here), then it would make sense for there to be no associated nose magic.
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