Interesting Idea For Harry Potter Fic:

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1 JewelyJ23rd May 2011 07:35:24 AM from A state in the USA
I was chatting with a friend on plurk and I got an awesome idea. We were talking about Ginny's Hate Dumb and how they said Ginny was a Sue. I pointed out that the story was being told from the point of view of a guy who (in the last two books which people really seem to hate her in) has a crush on her. Of course she would sound Sueish through that filter.

I added that from Ginny's POV Harry would probably sound like the most over the top Gary Stu in the world if she were telling the story. Powerful boy who stopped a dark wizard as a baby, really famous yet very nice and humble, saves the world again in his first year of school and onward.

Then that gave me the idea to write a fic of the first two books from Ginny's point of view. Show her possibly having insecurities about her looks, being the youngest in a family of guys/being overshadowed by her brothers , and all of that.

What do you guys think?
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The first book was set before Ginny's first year.

So, by the time Ginny gets there, there would already be more stories about him floating around.
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3 JewelyJ23rd May 2011 07:43:35 AM from A state in the USA
True. He'd be like...Hogwarts' Memetic Badass
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Pretty much.

But then remember that in Ginny's first year, she's being corrupted by the Diary.

And, if Harry's the hero... But then, he doesn't save her... I can imagine Ginny growing disillusioned.

Maybe that's the reason she hides from him during the third book? She doesn't feel she's worthy of his time? So she'd be a Stalker with a Crush...
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I can certainly see how it can be done, but not why it should be done. Sounds annoying as hell.
6 JewelyJ23rd May 2011 02:58:47 PM from A state in the USA
It's just a story from Ginny's point of view fleshing her out as a character. Harry simply plays the part of the dream crush/boyfriend (like the types you see in magical girl sort of stories. Tuxedo Mask and the like). It's not like I'm going to intentionally turn him into an over the top stu but he's just going to be perceived by many as Stuish because we don't know his whole background and we just see him from the eyes of a lovestruck little girl. that really annoying? I don't see it.

Also it's not like the plot is going to be HARRYHARRYHARRY there is going to be a focus on Ginny's relationship with her relatives, with her parents, with Tom.

Heck I'd say that her relationship with Tom is one of the most complex and fascinating things about her. But as usual people seem to only focus on the fact that she ended up with Harry. There is so much more to her personality than just Harry.

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Away on the wind~
You did state in your OP that the story would be focusing on Ginny, and how Harry seems to her -shrug-
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Show her possibly having insecurities about her looks, being the youngest in a family of guys/being overshadowed by her brothers, and all of that.

Harry would probably sound like the most over the top Gary Stu in the world.

Well, these two sound extremely annoying (I don't care if they are realistic or not), especially since in the OP you only mentioned the above stuff as the plot, so I thought they would be the focus. From your second post, I can see that's not the case, so forget what I said.

(And I agree with what you said about Tom. A relationship fic about the two of them would be the only Harry Potter relationship fic I would care to read.)
I did find a somewhat unsettling one on Sugar Quill... I lost the link, though. I found it through TV Tropes, if that helps.

As for the OP: well, I'd be interested in the idea, if you put a humorous slant to it. Sounds like it could be good for that kind of thing, like the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead equivalent to Harry Potter. Or if you want to go for drama that could be interesting too, but it'd depend on the execution.

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10 Dec23rd May 2011 11:48:57 PM from The Dance Floor
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I think it could work, though it would need a lot of forethought and fleshing out of Ginny and her life, what with her not having a huge presence in the books.

And I know that's not the direction you're going for, but when you mentioned Ginny's insecurities and the fact that Harry comes off as a Gary Stu, I was kinda reminded of this post about Twilight:

Oh, by the way: for anyone who thinks that Twilight is "deeper" than Harry Potter, ask yourself if you'd be willing to read a book about nothing but Harry and Ginny's tortured love-angst, cutting out every single other plot point in the entire seven-book series."

ůSo yeah. Be careful how you sell this one.
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