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1 JewelyJ22nd May 2011 02:10:04 PM from A state in the USA
Okay so I've got a ship full of female pirates and I'm trying to figure out which ones would likely get along and which ones would dislike each other so I can tell which sides each would be on when the mutiny goes down.

Captain- Sadira Roberts-The Cutthroat Duchess-Captain, harsh controlling/domineering personality, possessive , demanding of loyalty

First Mate-Yasmina Talavi- Slashin’ Yasmin-Kudere sort. Cool on the outside and kind on the inside.

Cassidy Shaughnessy –Canonball Cass- ladette who loves weapons (and men and money) Avalon the Siren-a fairly idealistic romantic. She justifies killing other pirates but never harms gentlemen and likes protect them.

Margaret Maxwell - Mad Maggie-has a grudge against the police /authority for falsely killing her lover, cynical ,Deadpan Snarker

Tatiana Kazakova -The Shadow Succubus- charismatic when she wants to be, calculating, seductive, usually quiet.

Sarita Vasquez-The Island Warrior- resourceful, crazy prepared, has little loyalty except to herself.

Erika Humphrey- Iron Ethel Read- She is about one thing :money. She constantly counts her money and keeps track of it, schmoozes up to the boss to get a good share of the money and just does everything in her power to keep money flowing.

Cora Mc Gee- Maneater Mc Gee-She is a Casanova first and foremost. She enjoys the attention she gets from men and she strings them along to get what she wants. She often views a guy as a collection of body parts or conquests. She is also arrogant sometimes and can be quite cruel when she wants to.

Bethany Soukis- Bigmouth Bess-She is a braggart who likes to tell tall tales about everything from her conquests to her loot. He has a rep as an Attention Whore and occasionally has fits when she doesn’t get her way. She resents the captain and thinks she can do a much better job.

Sorry for the stupid question but I want to bounce around ideas. I'm thinking Cass hates Mc Gee and Mc Gee doesn't make it any easier by mocking her and making cruel comments.

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2 MrAHR22nd May 2011 05:59:46 PM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
Vasquez and Humphrey might be at odds with Roberts, due to the loyalty thing.
3 JewelyJ22nd May 2011 06:51:25 PM from A state in the USA
Ah Vasquez keeps her loyalties a secret and plays the part. I was chatting with a friend after this and they suggested also having Humphrey have an unrequited crush / love for the captain . It grows out of her shmoozing up to the captain for loot. She develops actual feelings for her (which she keeps secret because herpderp 1880s.)

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Keep in mind relationships can happen between any two people. From my looking at it, I might suggest these pairs as more likely to interest:

Sadira/Tatiana: I think Tatiana can fulfill Sadira's lust, all while Tatiana manouvers domineering Sadiara to her whims like a marionette.

Yasmina/Sarita: Watch as these two introverts gradually warm up to each other, Sarita offering her knowledge and Yasmina sharing her dreams.

Cora/Bethany: Bethany wants the fame and glory. Cora can help her set on a path.. but it is a Devil's contract Bethany's signing.

Margaret/Cassidy: Because Cassidy I feel can mellow out Margaret's rough edge with a tender kiss. Cassidy's idealism as a foil to Margaret's cynicism.
5 JewelyJ23rd May 2011 04:06:24 PM from A state in the USA
^wow those sound cool. and you have an awesome gift for making things sound poetic and epic.

I did see Cass and Maggie becoming Those Two Girls. Cora and Bethany I could also see very well. Maybe Cora helps Bethany with her reputation and possibly making her a "project".

I like that idea also, it could be one thing to warm up Yasmina's cool exterior. Also Tatiana and the Captain is very cool and the manipulation thing could play out interestingly during the mutiny.

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