Should the internet have its own Bible?:

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So hey, me and Cygan angel were having a conversation about giving the internet its own creation myth, beginning with Wikipedia colliding with 4chan and the rest of the internet being created by the impact, and then she said I should make a thread and I was like "okay!" Anyways, does this sound even vaguely like a project anyone else would like to work on?
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Aside from the fact that "the internet" was around long before either 4 chan or wikipedia, sure, why not.
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Not as amusing that way, though, Madrugada. And a hell of a lot more to chronicle.
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In the beginninng of time God looked unto the world, and saw that its computers were not interconnected. Being a Computer Science major he was frustrated that this was so. In one of his fits he said, "Let there be packet-switching networks!" And then there was ARPANET. God then collapsed on the couch exhausted from coding all night long. tongue
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[up] Totally forgot about that one. XD

Edit: Actually it is trying to translate the Bible into Lol Speak, which is something quite different.

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Has ADD, plays World of Tanks, thinks up crazy ideas like children making spaceships for Hitler. Occasionally writes them down.
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Do it Voluspa-style—some jerk is trolling an admin about how the internet began and how it is going to end.
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i lol'd. puts a whole new spin on Jesus if he used slang back then like in there.

Jesus was way cool in this case.

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Jesus would be an 31337 h4x0r.
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I thought the LO Lcat Bible was just The Bible, but with cute kitties? I actually thought this thing I was mulling over would be sort of like that, only based on a combination of myths and religions. Also, instead of kittehs it would probably have the names of websites and memetic jokes. Also, TV Tropes would be the internet's Jesus.
11 Edmania21st May 2011 09:53:43 AM from under a pile of erasers
o hai
Why would TV Tropes be the Christ?
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Because bias.
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TV Tropes would be that one guy who thinks he's Jesus but is really a background character but he gets A Day in the Limelight.
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So basically TV Tropes is a crazy cult leader?
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A cult of one.
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Only one? Cracked seems to be pretty infatuated with us, at least.
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A couple of the authors do, not Cracked itself.
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the lol cat bible is almost completely a direct translation.

I read many passages that I knew from when I was raised as a Christian.

Take for example my fav passage, Psalms 19:1, my awesome astronomy love

King James:

For the Heavens declare the Glory of God, and the Firmament showeth his handiwork.

lol cat speak:

ok guyz so liek dat hole in ceiling makez me worship Ceiling Cat."

It actually translates in many ways MUCH better. "the hole in the ceiling" is mentioned earlier in the cat bible as heaven/the firmament.

A few other ones I read, and one he goes MUCH better for common speak today than the King James, for example, John 10:6-10

6 Jebus sed all dis, but teh gaiz wer liek "WAT?! Wat u talkin bout sheepz 4? We is has NO KLU wat u meanz!!"

7 Jebus sez agn "k, lsn srsly gais, i iz shep door.8 Erleer peepz was r0bberz, n sheepz was like: i no lisn 2 u!9 I iz door. (I iz opn door, so u no need 2 compln, k?) U goes thru me, u iz ok, n u go in n u com out n u getz nice gras n noms.10 R0bberz d00dz steelz ur stuff n iz kilz u ded!! I iz here so u can has lots of lif, an it can has abunden... ubund... lotza gudniss. "

It translates much better, MUCH better, to tell you that the disciples didn't understand at all the parable, and that he explained it to them. I know this passage from the King James, and someone had to really show me that this is what Jesus was saying. The language is the same, but the lol cat dialect translates much better for us, and it gets the message across clearer.

A I read a few other passages, like Hosea, about a guy going to save his wife from being a prostitute or something, I only remember it from the King James as saying "whordoms" a lot, that's really the only reason I know about it.

Hosea 1:3

So he goez an get hotz chik namez Gomer an dey hadz HRBLE GOEZ WHERE?? wifoutz fun leik buttsecks or bluwjobz cuz taht stil wuznt inventedz yet. Dey spawnedz onez son.

So sometimes stuff like that, or an inside cat meme joke, otherwise it is a very direct translation.

A couple of cat memes are mentioned where relevent as inside jokes, but other that
as of the 2nd of Nov. has 6 weeks for a broken collar bone to heal and types 1 handed and slowly
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