The flaws you tolerate in games you love and why.:

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I have not. That is the series I primarily think of when I say 'One I think of that people say makes sense', though.
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Dynamite Cop had some dodgy graphics and downright ridiculous bits (It's set on a ship and one of the weapons is... an anti-ship missile) but my brother and I loved it for its stupidly fun multiplayer.
103 Marioguy12823rd May 2011 06:50:05 AM from various galaxies
Frankly, I don't really like the boosting mechanic in Sonic games. (except for Colors, which handled it much better) The Werehog stages in unleashed were... ugh. Then again, the day time stages in the PS3/360 versions were even worse. Sonic was practically uncontrollable there. Still, rushing through those stages kind of feels good.

Colors... well, it pulled a few cheap tricks on you, but it was still enjoyable. Also, the mediocre bosses. (recycling them, no less.)

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The goddamn Artificial Stupidity with ground units Starcraft 1. That is why I use air transports.

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[up][up] I guess I don't consider "looking cool" as fun as "controlling the game", but that's just me. I do admit, it did look nice, though.

[up][up][up][up] Quest 64 is exactly that. You slowly train all main four of your stats realistically.(well, HP and MP kind of, but bear with me) And you gain spirit energy from fallen monsters to actually eventually increase your Spirit Elements. Of course, the game itself isn't anything special(except the battle system, which finding one like it may be impossible, atleast, before this game was made. Aidyn Chronicles has a similar one, but you can't move after an attack/spell is launched... so... it's just not the same)
106 CaissasDeathAngel24th May 2011 11:59:15 AM from Dumfries, SW Scotland , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Path-finding issues in Command and Conquer and Baldur's Gate. Yes Tanya, when I tell you to c4 the mech, I actually mean enter it. Not simply stand there running around its legs while it cuts my engineers to pieces.

But my big one is a relatively obscure SNES game, Illusion Of Time (Illusion of Gaia in the US). On paper, it's pathetic. Completely linear. Only equipment changes are form changes, two of the four of which you only get right at the end of the game (though you do gain extra abilities for your forms as you progress). Every character outwith the main party is an ethnic stereotype of some kind. Eric, who does literally nothing the whole game, no storyline whatsoever, then flies home at the end (everyone else who follows you around does something or other). Healing is virtually impossible besides at save points, since there's only 13 healing items which heal a quarter of your max health and there's no way to get more. The most pointless Bonus Dungeon ever, with harder than normal enemies, a boss which you're forced to fight as your basic form, no save points inbetween and no reward whatsoever for completing it. It's also pretty short, and can be completed in a day, certainly a weekend. The developers attempting to immerse the gamers backfires horribly when they try to elicit boredom in a long, unskippable sequence with the main character lost at sea (no, really).

And yet, I love it. The music is simplistic but brilliant, with the ending being extremely touching. When I suffered a suicidal breakdown a few years ago, I found the music that came with the ending comforted me. I also insist there's no Narm in a certain Heroic Sacrifice, though the line that does elicit laughter could easily have been removed without cost. The characters are interesting, and not just the humans. Besides Eric, and if you can ignore the obvious stereotyping (which can get a bit uncomfortable considering you fight your way through an expy of a South African slave mine, and if you want to get to the Bonus Dungeon you're required to catch an escaped slave and send him to his death by returning him to his captors), they go through good development, and I find myself really feeling for them by the end.

And the gameplay is just fun. Simple, yes. But also fun, in the combat and the puzzles. Despite the many, many reasons to despise the game, it's one of my all time favourites.
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107 LordIronHat24th May 2011 12:24:58 PM from Up hill, both ways
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The fact that nobody plays Armored-Core online. Same problem with Lost Planet 2.

In armored core, online vs. mode kicks ass, except you would be lucky as all hell to get even one person to play against, and forget about getting more. So, instead I just try and get my friends to play against me online, but none of them like Armored Core enough to buy the game and actually learn how to play it.

In Lost Planet 2, due to the party chat thing and the fact that no one on XB Live seems to have a mic, you end up with players who cannot cooperate with you because they cannot hear you, which in Lost Planet, WILL result in your team getting its ass handed to it.

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