Words/phrases that exist that people you know never heard of:

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Basically, I'm complaining about my brother not having heard of stuff.

Previously, he didn't think "grok" (understand) or "po-po" (slang for police) existed, simply because A—I was saying it, and B—he never heard it before I said it.

Currently he thinks the hyphen-word "head-space" (similar to "mind-set") didn't exist simply because he never heard it before.

Howzabout YOU fellow tropers? What words and phrases (that actually exist) have YOU heard of that you get annoyed that your siblings/friends complain of not having heard of before?
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I remember using the word "vivacious" once and a girl insisting that I'd made it up.

I can't remember why I was using the word "vivacious" in conversation in the first place, though.
Many a time have I been accosted by plebeian philistines excoriating me for employing unorthodox appellations for banal conceits.

I've discovered since that trying to shame people for having better things to do than study the thesaurus is a very silly idea indeed.

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Well, someone once didn't know what 'shiftless' meant.
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I stopped giving a shit.
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@kaschei Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down there. What the hell's wrong with you, using such pointlessly fancy words as "many" and "for." tongue
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I was in a dinner theater that interacted with the guests in a murder mystery. To practice our parts, the actors hosted a dinner at the director's house the night before the show. We were to all come in costume and in character. I was to play the uptight former high school president with an unhappy marriage.

Halfway into the meal with all of our old school chums, things got heated. The madam was making some incriminating remarks about me through sarcasm, so I cautioned her to not "exacerbate" the situation.

Upon uttering that word, the dinner went to a complete standstill with everybody uncontrollably laughing and giggling.
8 Deboss20th May 2011 11:00:26 PM from Awesomeville Texas
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I've used some, but most of them were engineering terms. Fortunately, I have a very Biege Prose speaking style that I have to actually pay attention to get out of.
9 Jeysie20th May 2011 11:22:51 PM from Western Massachusetts
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I have, on various occasions and by different people, been questioned on "plushie", "mollycoddle", "lollygagging", and "defenestration".
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10 Zersk20th May 2011 11:28:41 PM from Columbia District, BNA
I can't remember why I was using the word "vivacious" in conversation in the first place, though.

Maybe you were reciting that speech from V for Vendetta?

I can't think of a time I've done this. I don't usually try to talk in a fancy way.
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This is exactly how you can prove that Dutch education has gone down the drain. People only a few years younger than me don't know very common words and are not interested in discovering what they mean (and I'm not talking about uneducated slobs, but university students...). When they do know the word, they only know it in a very limited definition.
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"Go. Just go, and leave us to X."

I have no clue where I heard that from. Wish I knew, because I use it very frequently.
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13 Deboss21st May 2011 12:24:37 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
don't know very common words and are not interested in discovering what they mean

If it's common, how come they don't know it? I think you've got some contradicting things going on in that sentence.
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