Your ideas for a modern videogame-focused Nick Arcade.:

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So i was watching Nick Arcade the other day and i realized two things:

1)I only watched this thing for three reasons: the "Guide Mikey" segments, the Arcade segments where they showed footage of the game being played and the final segments where the players would be "dropped into a videogame"(My naive childhood brain hadn't heard of a green screen back then)

2)This show could be revived and catch on if they tweaked it a bit.

So if any of you are interested i'd love to hear your ideas for this.
2 Ratix21st May 2011 05:44:49 AM from Someplace, Maryland
I remember watching back then and thinking it'd be great if the arcade challenges used a real system like the N64. Like, race Koopa the Quick in Super Mario 64.

Nowadays I think the Kinect and Wiimote fit right into the whole "put yourself in the game" schtick they had going.
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