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Child's Play: The Video Game:

Jonah Falcon
Wanna PLAY?
Jonah Falcon
Count of people who thought this is related to Penny Arcade's charity: 1

Jonah Falcon
No, I immediately thought of Chucky.
Jonah Falcon

Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
 10 Vox, Fri, 20th May '11 2:30:32 PM from Red Clydeside
Pathological Monster
Still six. I thought of Chucky as well.
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 12 Rocket Dude, Fri, 20th May '11 3:39:22 PM from AZ, United States
This hat doesn't fit!
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TSC is best palette. But monochrome's fine too.
I thought of a horror game where you play as a child.

edited 20th May '11 3:40:10 PM by Braincogs

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 14 dmboogie, Fri, 20th May '11 4:02:18 PM from Snow Country, USA Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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 15 Vox, Fri, 20th May '11 6:11:17 PM from Red Clydeside
Pathological Monster
Yeah, is anyone going to contribute anything of actual value to this thread, or are you going to just increase numbers?
But increasing the number is adding (a) value!

20 seconds: YOU A SPLODE
I'll try to contribute something...

I used to kid around about this kind of thing, in spite of the lack of video games based around slasher movie icons. I guess Saw opened a door or something, or any of Universal's properties that can be turned into games nowadays will.

I hope Brad Dourif has some kind of involvement. Chucky is not Chucky without him.

I'm not expecting greatness from this...I'll just hope for fun. I like the movies a lot.

 19 Vox, Fri, 20th May '11 6:32:27 PM from Red Clydeside
Pathological Monster
It looks like this game is gonna be a stealth oriented game with an emphasis on traps and sadistic-type strategy.

edited 20th May '11 6:32:55 PM by Vox

Sloving cases one by one
I'll play it once I get a trailer, screenshots, and it being released on the Nintendo Wii. I got a strong feeling that overprotective parents are going to complain about this game when they find out that it aint a kids game. I had a feeling that a video game of Child's Play was going to happen, but I didn't figure it would take this long for it to happen. So if this does well, will we get a decent video game of Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street?

edited 20th May '11 7:49:26 PM by Theoriginalblader

 21 Playedforkeeps, Sat, 21st May '11 8:00:38 AM from Not ur damn bussiness
Editor among edits!
How can a good video game of Friday the 13th work? Manhunt style like this?
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 22 Vox, Sat, 21st May '11 9:00:51 AM from Red Clydeside
Pathological Monster
But there already was a Friday the 13th game. A totally awesome one!

 23 Playedforkeeps, Sat, 21st May '11 12:53:56 PM from Not ur damn bussiness
Editor among edits!
[up]Funny review, but the game was HORRIBLE. The manhunt styled gameplay seems to work well with Jason.
"I am what I am"- Popeye
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