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Now, when I say Erotica, I don't mean that crappy stuff, or that terribly written pr0n, I am talking about writing an actual plot and story.

Okay, so I have been preparing to write a short story set in my verse' that is erotic in nature. It is not a straight-up porno or anything like that, in fact it is less "erotic" in the sense that I do not have hardcore detailed sex scenes or details, but sex will be in it, and fairly detailed, but not too far beyond an R rating, it would actually probably fit right on an R rating.

Is there anything I should know about this? Anything to avoid or look out for? The whole thing is based on some myths and a cult that is in universe of my one book Nightmare (out of about 9 native 'cults').

There are some super-natural elements and stuff, and it focuses on their Goddess's Prophets raise to power and helping her vanquish her foes. But since this "Goddess" (actually a transcended human who did some wacky quantum mechanical things with conscious to become a "god", which, is theoretically plausible) cannot harm her foes directly, she needs this guy too.

Incidentally, she is the Goddess of sex, romance, companionship, cunning, secrecy, and the life cycle. So there are gonna be a lot of sexy stuff going on, due to that and part of the nature of her foes.

I'm going to focus on characterization and plot a lot, but is there anything I should really worry about? It's not meant to be a porno or anything, just a sexualized story about a sex Goddess.

Also, what is anyone else's experience with writing erotica? Any challenges, hurdles? Easy parts? In general, no actual heavy details, keeping this topic PG-13 as much as is possible.
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I've gotten positive results from writing sex using similar cadences to those typically used to write religious rapture. It's difficult to explain without examples, so I'll take the liberty of pimping my work, so to speak.

Also, one mistake that a lot of beginning writers make is to get hung up on descriptions, as if they were preparing to engage in phone sex with the reader. We can imagine a lot of stuff on our own if you give us the basic framework. In particular, don't start specifying penis lengths and cup sizes—it's usually a major turnoff.

Also also, this is a good place to get advice. Do be warned that the forums kinda suck, though.
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I have no experience in the writing, but as for the reading... *ahem.*

Now,I must begin by repeating feotakahari: do not use a goddamn tape measurer. Whenever an erotica author specifies exact cup sizes, penis lengths, or other dimensions (except perhaps height and weight), it is legally permissible to shoryuken them so long as it is done within three days of the initial writing.(Citation Needed) Give your reader an idea what they're seeing, but leave room for their own interpretation. As for the deed, if portrayed: somewhere between Ikea and Mills and Boon is the happy medium - it varies both from author to author and reader to reader. Also: you will squick someone, somewhere, even if it's all straight couples and missionary position. Mostly, you'll just have to live with it. But if someone who normally sings the praises of works in the category you're writing for starts to chew you out, then for Heaven's sake, listen to them.

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Why would I get out a tape measure? That sounds like a childish tactic to sound like a good writer (seriously). Nah, I'm fine, I didn't even think of doing anything like that (not being sarcastic), mostly sensual stuff, no hardcore stuff.

So use some discretion shots, a good bit. I do know that this is what differentiates erotica from pr0nz! Erotica is like Final Fantasy 7, porn is like pac-man, more or less. Though people say "if I add some idiotic plot and cliche' characters to Pac-man, I can fake my (whatever) fantasy as art!"

I am not making a Pac-man disguised as Final Fantasy 7, I want Final Fantasy 7, not Pac-man.

But it is still a very sexual work, and will probably be just about the most sexual thing I will EVER write in my verse, being the only example of such a thing. Heavily sexual, but not right on hardcore sex, more like "soft porn" if anything, though much more artsy. That is what I want tips on, incorporating sexuality into the work.

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Have some sex before you decide to write about it.
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[up]Yeah, he speaks the truth. Or, at the very least, a sexual experience. Most people masturbate, so they usually know THAT experience, but something with two people would help.

If you can't get that, ask someone who has had sex and isn't embarrassed by it for full reports.

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What's to get about "No hardcore scenes"/"This is boarderline erotica" does no one get?

Any sex that even happens is all off screens! even the sexy stuff isn't fully outright stated, it's allured to and hinted at.

ok, ok.

Here is the thing: nothing more hardcore than touching/kissing is explictly stated. Anything more is said in a type of manner that is almost vauge, in the way when an author is intentionally making the reader imagine something to put between the lines, which in many ways can be more effective than outright saying it. 'It is in the subtext' I think is what this is called.

Does this make sense?! There isn't any sex onscreen, I am building the book on a lot of sexual TENSION, not sex itself.

ffs does anyone understand where I am coming from? I want advice on creating sexual tension!

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grah! Emilie Autumn just came on with her climax on her song "Liar", sexy voice. (sorry having some sexual tension of my own lately... fueling the want to write this)

I mean, just talking saying there what I want to write...
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actually, from now on, I will just say one line for my topics like:

"Advice on writing sexual tense plox"

but I wanted this to extend to erotica in general, that was my one major concern and made it so that the other parts can be talked about first, but no one else apparently has any questions...

didnt see any topics about it already, and I know that there are a lot of people here who write stuff that brushes against this at times, so i thought it would actually be pretty popular given some of the sexual tropes we have brought up.

I am that guy that you think is a bit of a prude and generally not interested in girls, but buried underneath... I am just timid about it.
as of the 2nd of Nov. has 6 weeks for a broken collar bone to heal and types 1 handed and slowly
9 feotakahari22nd May 2011 09:38:04 PM from Looking out at the city
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I hesitate to say this, but I think Twilight does a credible job of demonstrating how to properly establish sensuality without sex.
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Your timing is perfect, now I just have to get over my fears of turning into a homosexual so I can read erotically erotic books about stalker vampires.

Um, I'm not going to read that, ya.

Actually it doesn't help, (or does it?) that I have a lot of this tension right now and it has been driving me starking mad all day and thinking more about the premise and the awsome sexy stuff in it just makes it worse and oh gofdsfasdfraEWDSFWES !@!!

This is getting bad, so bad. I havn't talked to any one of the opposite sex other than my mom, step-mom, and sister and people behind cash registers for... OH MY GOD 23 DAYS.

What is wrong with me??!!?! I shouldn't be writing erotica in this state?! (or should I? is this good or bad?!)
as of the 2nd of Nov. has 6 weeks for a broken collar bone to heal and types 1 handed and slowly
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