RTS games with RolePlay maps.:

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First off, the one I use the most is Cortex in Starcraft 2, which came form a lot of them in War Craft 3, and I have found one in Starcraft 1. Are there any others?
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You're going to have to explain (at least to me) what a Role Play map is. Is it anything like Defense of the Ancients?
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What I mean is a map that is set up so you can get any units you want to Role Play is with no victory condition, like Cortex.
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I can't think of any non-Blizzard RTS with a Level Editor good enough to make roleplay maps with.
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Battle for Wesnoth?
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I recall a few DOTA maps that weren't PvP, but were dungeon-crawlers (often with co-op).
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