Denmark to claim the North Pole:

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What is this I don't even. does this benefit them?
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Oh crap. Does this mean that we're going to have to start paying tariffs on presents from Santa?

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If the Arctic melts, it could be a waterway for shipping maybe?

Yeah, I dunno.

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maybe they plan to build colony settlements?
5 del_diablo18th May 2011 10:18:54 AM from Somewher in mid Norway
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Fuck the danes, we Norwegians claimed the center of it first.
So bugger off!
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Just from the title I would guess that the claim is based off of continential shelves (or is it shelfs for continents?) that come off Greenland and also that the main purpose is to stop Russia from pulling the same move.

edit- oh hey, yeah, look at who was right.

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Well, Denmark is a small country, and they've already claimed the North Pole, so I see no reason not to allow the tiny little nation to have the giant worthless block of Ice at the top of the world.
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They know something we dont know...
[up] Tariffs on Santa, man. They're going to steal Christmas. wild mass guess
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What lurks underneath??

11 captainbrass218th May 2011 10:56:41 AM from the United Kingdom
To judge from the article, I suspect this claim is more like the opening gambit in an effort to get all the interested parties around a table to resolve the status of the Arctic by treaty than a serious territorial claim. There is a treaty governing the position of the Antarctic, but nothing for the Arctic. If someone's actually made a claim to it it's harder for all the adjoining states to ignore the matter and let it drift.

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I have a simple solution...Let Superman and Mr. Freeze have it.

This amuses me. So what, are we going to set up another Sirius patrol on the freaking North Pole to uphold sovereignty. Also, I'd like to see what anyone would actually do, if say the Russians decided they weren't taking any of that shit and sent actual troops of a significant size. It would certainly cause some amusing back-pedalling, which I'd love to see, though I doubt anyone really cares enough about it for that to happen.

14 Karalora18th May 2011 11:16:57 AM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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[up][up][up][up] Well, the Arctic is just ocean, really. Ocean that's just hard to sail through but easier to walk over (but if it melts...), unlike the Antarctic it couldn't be claimed so the treaty considerations and motivations are different. The problem is that it is where the solid angle gets tight and several claims conflict and the case law of one dispute affects the other.
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16 annebeeche18th May 2011 11:42:02 AM from by the long tidal river
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17 MajorTom18th May 2011 11:59:26 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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They better get in line behind the US, Russia and Canada.
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18 Morven18th May 2011 12:06:44 PM from Seattle, WA, USA
I suspect the real interest for all of them is mineral rights ... at least, that's the only point for a territorial claim there that I can see.
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..But isnt the arctic just a gigantic icecap?

I was under the impression antarctica was the one with actual landmass to exploit.
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Yep. If I remember it correctly...except for a few small islands, the Arctic is nothing but ice.
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We still get the South Pole, right?
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22 Morven18th May 2011 01:15:00 PM from Seattle, WA, USA
@Midgetsnowman: but the ice doesn't go all the way to the bottom. Submarines can go under it, for instance. Sure, it would be hard to exploit mineral rights there, but if there's oil, say — it's a sensible long-term bet that eventually the price of oil will rise to the point that it might make economic sense to drill even in such harsh conditions.

And even if a country might not approve of such, they might consider it important to stake their claim so that someone else doesn't get it.

There's also a heck of a lot of life in the Arctic oceans.
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23 pvtnum1118th May 2011 01:25:41 PM from Kerbin low orbit , Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Submarines: The Soviet Union used to park boomers under the cap back in the Cold War days. I hear that China is starting to do that now. We used to do ice-picket duty with our fast-attack boats, looking for the boomers. Also, good excuse to get cool pictures of submarine sails sticking out of the ice and toss snowballs at shipmates, while some guy stood guard against Polar Bears. I've heaard some neat stories about the North Pole from some old salts that rode fast attacks way back in the day.

Well, now it's Denmark's problem to ice-picket.
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They want to save the polar bears themselves. They have plenty of cold territory in their country. I'm sure they will do fine.
25 GameChainsaw18th May 2011 04:04:38 PM from sunshine and rainbows!
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They do know there's not much there bar a few polar bears, right? I mean come on, what is there to claim bar a big block of ice?

If they'd staked a claim to the south pole things would be different.

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