Modern Warfare 2 (QuickScope):

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I'd be very interested if some of you guys tell me some unbelievable shots or kills you had. Also i have a toutorial how to quickscope ::

1. You Need A powerful sniper (Barret of inetrvention)

2. You Need 3 perks that will help you quickscope these are:: Sleight Of Hand Pro , Stopping Power Pro and Commando Pro or Steady Aim Pro.

3. Your equipment should be always throwing knife because you'll need it to make wizard(silenced) shots.

4. Put you sensivity on 8,9 or 10

5. If you want to quickscope your enemy make sure hes about in the middle of your screen.

6. Pull LT (left trigger) and about 1 sec later shoot.
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I love that there's something called wizard shots.
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