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I'd argue that there are different ways for writing to be an art - ranging from beautiful word choice and sentences with a poetic rhythm on the micro scale to constructing beautiful themes that speak to human nature on the macro scale. There are also different ways that it can be a craft - from creating clear and logical sentences that get to the heart of the matter on the micro scale to constructing an airtight plot and minimizing Fridge Logic on the macro scale. I think a good author needs a ratio of art and craft that works for the story they are trying to tell. I'm more of a craftsman than an artist because the kinds of stories I want to tell call for more craft and less art.

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I fall more on the artist scale, think art is agnsty, or at least should have emotional torque. If it ellicts no emotion, it's pointless.

I believe writing is art.

@ original poster, I think I'll scream it this way at them "THEME THEME THEME!"

What is some of my favorite themes? angst, hardship, human nature, emotion, actions and consequences

Guess what all those things have in common? They are all based in reality, the theme in my works, is generally, not any specific thing, but a dead-honest portrayal of how people react to events, the consequences of their emotions, the resulting fall out, how one goes on or doesn't. It is about the CHARACTER, the PERSON.

Writing is both an art and a craft, it is a craft in making sure you get those things right with the mind and how people react more so than the actual circumstances. If history repeating itself over and over again is any indication, then I would say that humans typically have a certain pattern of reaction.

Anyway, my take on what stories convey, emotion, is why I believe most true art is angsty, that, and it is MUCH harder than other True Art tropes. (sorry for the sidetrack)

Anyway, do not look too much at the mechanical, look at it from an art standpoint, experiment, bend the rules, maybe break them. Rules are often meant to be broken at sometime or another, they are merely an outline, suggestion, or a good guide, but like anything, there are some situations where these can be counter-productive.

Look at it this way; a scientist will never just randomly go 'what if I did this?' and do it, they have some reason or plan. Don't put random stuff in there to just be there, it should contribute to the theme of the work, or else there will be some dissonance or a bunch of 'fluff' that the readers could do without.

Though, I said that rules are meant to be broken, didn't I? Do that crazy scientist thing, experiment, step out of the bounds of that scientific method, and just freaking see if it works. If it doesn't, trash it, but you must keep "the big picture" in mind.

If I am writing a war story (pick any war), why would I have small part about some random, meaningless, but realistic, encounter the characters had with some local that doesn't contribute to the theme? It could be a weird language barrier, that is realistic, but if my theme is the horrors of war and how people back home are ignorant of the front lines, then it is much different, and if I do have that scene, it should have a damn meaning. Maybe the local's language barrier is a metaphor for people on the front lines and home not getting things across, or something like that, or maybe something about the exchange, like an argument with the local, demonstrates the strained nature of the soldiers. If it is just in there with nothing to contribute to the plot in ANY way, then it is useless, and does not have artistic unity.

Anyway, my two cents on it.
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You're fighting and dying in a country where everyone speaks gabble gabble and can't understand you. That is one of the things why war is sucky.
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