Despite the fact I am not a First-Person, or a Macho fan[TF2]:

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Team Fortress 2 manages to be somewhat appealing to me as a game. At least, more so than most first person or "macho-like" games. And I think some of these things have led to it's own success.

It's funny. They went for this ultra-cartoon, not gritty, contrast heavy game. It almost looks like it was made by pixar. And ironically, I hate that aesthetic that that and most modern American cartoons have. I hated the aesthetics deeply in The Incredibles. And it as a movie has an admittedly similar look to Team Fortress 2.

So why? I guess because it just looks so funny and fun and blatantly ironic. It looks as if some parody of all of the things it is that doesn't take itself too seriously. Moreso than any of the Duke Nukem stuff that always grossed me out and I couldn't even inject some ironic interpretation into myself. This actually manages to take this stereotypical team of "manly" dudes, and turn it into something cute. The aesthetic is a fantastic diversion from the typical FPS brown and "real" look. And this is coming from someone who hated how humans were designed in the Incredibles and indeed, most big CG movie releases(Avatar being a grant aesthetic exception).

And pretty much everything away from the FPS that made it so bland and typical. It's funny and players have a sense of character interaction between its quirky "teams".

To be honest, if there weren't thousands of games I would like to play first, I would definitely be trying this game right now. Because even if I'm not an FPS fan, it would leave me somewhat amused. And at least reminds of some of the reasoning I often seem to like Japanese, non-FPS games. Bright, funny, quirky, and maybe even a little bit cute, and an notable amount of character interaction and fleshing out. If I enjoy Cho-Aniki for the same sort of reasons, I don't see why I wouldn't enjoy Team Fortress 2 just as much.

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Probably because it doesn't try to be "macho". It's just a fun game busy just enjoying itself. It takes itself seriously enough to have fun and nothing more.
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Probably because it doesn't try to be "macho"

Well it does in the sense that it parodies such things.
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Yes, in a very cute sense I might add. Much more than Duke Nukem.

Yes, it's not very macho. So much as it's kind of a zany parody of it. And a pretty fun seeming one, in my opinion. Duke Nukem comes off as such a deeply affectionate parody of it, it's almost hard to wonder how much it's a parody or a tribute.

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Well, when you think about it, the classes are:

  • A rambunctious teenager/young adult from Brooklyn/Detroit/Whatever who likes Baseball and calling out his enemies,
  • A parody of the American War Hero stereotype,
  • An enigmatic person in a fire suit,
  • A Black version of the stereotypical Scotsman,
  • A Southern-Fried Genius,
  • A Russian Stereotype (who's actually smarter than you might think),
  • A parody of the Nazi Doctor stereotype,
  • An Australian who alternates between being boisterous and calm,
  • And a Franco-Italian espionage agent who defies being compared to James Bond.

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An enigmatic man in a fire suit,

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Whoops, corrected.
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