Which Fantasy setting would you pick to live in?:

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Eberron is quite liveable, and has rather high standard of living as far as fantasy settings go.

Tamriel is nice too. This one would prefer to live in Hammerfell or Highrock, after the Empire was firmly established but before recent, ahem, troubles.

And, lastly, this one would be overjoyed to discover that Planescape is real, this world just one of the many parts of material plane and people end up in the places corresponding with their alignment (no Forgotten Realm heresy about the Wall of Faithless for me, please!) in the end.
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Disco World. grin (Or just plain Discworld.)
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The only fantasy world I'm really familiar with is Wind Waker's. I think I'd enjoy living there, so long as I didn't get eaten by a giant octopustongue

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Yes, any species that isn't superpowerful. Basically any species that one could make a reasonable case for being a Player species in an RPG.
55 TheyCallMeTomu19th May 2011 01:00:05 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
The Slayers! A world where magic is inexplicably easy and powerful, and a girl who's CLEARLY a C-cup apparently thinks she's flat-chested must mean that-well, you get the idea.

Ooooooh Ho ho ho ho ho~
56 Edmania19th May 2011 06:25:21 PM from under a pile of erasers
o hai
Dog Days' world.
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@Beholdress: Yeah, living in a decent part of Sharn would be pretty close to living in a first world country, what with indoor plumbing and lights, and all sorts of entertainment to be found.

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Indeed. All that remains is for some Sivis to invent Internet smile

Although as far as countries go, this one would prefer Aundair. Or even Karrnath - not a pleasant place, make no mistake, but for some reason this one finds it attractive.

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59 JewelyJ20th May 2011 04:20:17 PM from A state in the USA
I'd say Harry Potter post series. Which fits really because I wasn't 11 until around 2000. I would have missed the second war anyway.
Narnia. Seems pleasant enough. I was wondering today why everyone seems to have the same accent, though, as far as I can recall. Or at least a guy raised in a lower class area of a Calormene fishing village has the same accent as an upper class Archenlander several hundred miles away.
None of them (or at least a non-Crapsack World Urban Fantasy). I'd get very bored very quick without modern entertainment.

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Pokemon and the Discworld sound fun, but I think the one I'd really like to visit is... All of them. Maybe I could be a Planeswalker? :D?
63 TheyCallMeTomu20th May 2011 07:36:36 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Bad pick: Planescape.

Other Bad picks: Ravenloft. Dark Sun.

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Now thinking about it, the Pokemon world would be awesome to live in although I don't know which region to live in as they're all cool (Although I think I would start with Kanto and move on from there).
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65 TheyCallMeTomu20th May 2011 07:53:30 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
In the pokemon world, I'd feel way too bad about not being a vegetarian...
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You could just eat fish, like they do in the cartoon.
67 TheyCallMeTomu20th May 2011 07:56:29 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Eat magikarp?!?
Oh My

Me? I'd eat 'em anyway. I'm willing to eat any animal so long as it won't kill me.

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Ingary. I'd just have to go to Wales and find the door and Bam! Marvelous cakes, seven-league boots, and handsome wizards!

Or, wherever Disney's Rapunzel lives.
Why is Planescape a bad pick? That depends on exact plane one ends up on.

And for dwellers of some backwards prime world nothing would change at all=)
If we disagree, that much, at least, we have in common
71 TheyCallMeTomu20th May 2011 09:09:22 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Sorry, Planescape:Torment specifically :P
72 daltar21st May 2011 12:15:24 AM from the fantasy of green. , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
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Negima verse.

I like it's rules and it seems like one of the lightest universes. Sure it has it's share of darkness but it remains idealistic, funny and awesome.
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I'd go for either Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. fighting monsters, stealing money, and casting magic sounds awesome.
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Discworld. Definitely Discworld. Being a student of Unseen University seems pretty sweet to me. And being a senior wizard isn't bad either, now that Ridcully has got rid of the whole Klingon Promotion practice.
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The Jade Empire. But you probably expected that.
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